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Student Life / Residence Life / Facilities Workgroup

07/15/2020 3:38 pm

This work group has been comprised of staff from Residence Life, the Lang Health Center, Operations, Dining Services, and Custodial.  Their charge has been to examine the delivery of services across each of these areas in light of the Covid-19 situation.  Listed below is an update of the completed actions for the upcoming school year.

Cleaning initiatives:

All residence hall rooms have been given individual deep cleanings. This has included:
-Stripping, waxing, and resealing of the floors
-Cleaning of heating/ac units
-Cleaning of all furniture surfaces

Hand sanitizing stations:

increased our number of stations around campus, placed stations at all entry points to residence halls

Social distancing:

-Lounges: occupancy and seating has been reduced to meet Phase IV of Illinois State standards
-Dining areas: occupancy and seating has been reduced to meet Phase IV of Illinois State standards


signage has been designed and is being placed around campus and in residence halls to remind people of:
-social distancing necessities
-self-monitoring of health necessities
-cleaning guidelines for private bathroom spaces
-where to go for help on any issues/concerns related to Covid-19

Health alerts/reminders:

-Social media: frequent updates via RU’s websites, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds
-Lang Wellness Center: continues to serve as the “information hub” for securing the latest updates from Winnebago County Health, the Center for Disease Control, and the State of Illinois

Other projects are on-going as we make our way through our list of summer initiatives.  As updates and new information come in, our thoughts, strategies, and efforts will be adjusted accordingly.  Please continue to watch this space for further updates from the various Covid-19 workgroups.