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Dr. James Marshall makes news in migratory research

04/09/2015 11:29 am

Amber Roth, a Michigan Technological University researcher was thrilled to catch this particular bird in Nicaragua, and with good reason. Banded las fall in as part of one of Dr. James Marshall’s classes, the odds of another researcher catching the same bird are very rare. Now tagged with a geo-locater, this Golden-winged Warbler that started its journey at the Severson Dells in Rockford will now help provide valuable information about the importance of migratory stop-over sites for birds of concern.

Michigan Tech immediately reached out to Dr. Marshall and the University to tell this unique story. “Connecting the Dots With a Golden-winged Warbler” will be shared throughout the aviation and research community.


Moises Siles, Amber Roth’s banding assistant from Michigan Tech, holds the Golden-winged Warbler in his hand at Reserva El Jaguar in Nicaragua.