Reggie’s Adventures

02/15/2017 9:55 am

Reggie L. Regent



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Before 1957, Rockford College® did not participate in intercollegiate sports in the formal manner we do today where a mascot was necessary. As a women’s college, we competed against other schools informally, and games were most often posed against teams, which were divided by class from within the college.

In 1957, Banty Bantam was introduced as the mascot for Rockford Men’s College. Banty Bantam remained the mascot for the men’s athletic teams until 1962, when the Regents title was introduced for both men’s and women’s sports teams.

Prior to Reggie the Lion, we were simply known as the Regents from 1962-1983. Reggie became the mascot for the school in 1983-1984. Student Government members, Ellen Evans and Brian Guffey, hosted a competition in which ideas, submissions, and concepts were presented to a panel of Student Government members and selected administrators. From the submissions, a drawing of Reggie the Lion by Donna Addison, Class of 1984, was selected.

Over the years, Reggie has come and gone. But Reggie is back and better than ever. Reggie is excited to celebrate his regal return and wants to share the excitement and his Regent pride with alumni, students, faculty and staff, community members, and friends.

For inquiries about becoming the RU school mascot or booking requests please email Reggie at (reggie@rockford.edu)

Fun Facts

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Reggie L. Regent
Rockford University’s #1 Fan




Scheduled Events:

6/6/17: Beaker Breaking Ceremony
8/1/17: Regents Golf Play Day
9/16/17: Hike for Life


Want Reggie to make an appearance at your event?

Just send him an e-mail at reggie@rockford.edu



Inauguration Photo Gallery

02/13/2017 2:27 pm

About the President

12/09/2016 4:38 pm

Travel, Lodging and Parking

12/09/2016 4:32 pm


All guests should park in Parking Lot A. No permit is required.


For directions to Rockford University and a campus map, please click here.



Rockford University has reserved group rates for guests at the following hotels:


Radisson Hotel and Conference Center (3.3 miles)

$99/night* – (815) 226-2100

For group rates, call by October 24, 2016


Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott (3.5 miles)

$89/night* – (815) 398-7400

For group rates, call by October 16, 2016


Hilton Garden Inn (3.5 miles)

$104/night* – (815) 229-3322

For group rates, call by October 16, 2016


Courtyard Rockford (3.5 miles)

$88/night* – (815) 397-6222

For group rates, call by October 16, 2016


*The rate is valid for November 3-5, 2016 only and not inclusive of tax


If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact inauguration@rockford.edu or 815.394.5192.

Department Information

Office of the President
Burpee Center
5050 E. State Street
Rockford, IL 61108
fax: 815-394-5105

Academic Showcase

12/09/2016 4:29 pm


9:00AM – 10:00AM 

9:00AM – The Mind of a Protester: A Psychological Exploration of the Need to Take a Stand (50-minute session)

Joel Lynch, Elaine Sharpe, Jonathan Skalski, Amy Martin

The recent protests by Colin Kaepernick have opened controversy and dialogue across the country. Panelists will use Kaepernick’s behaviors as a frame-of-reference to explore the mindset of the protester from different psychological perspectives. The mindset of those responding to Kaepernick’s protests also will be explored.

Fisher Chapel


9:00AM – Student-Faculty Research Presentations (50-minute session)

    • Photodynamic Inactivation with Metalloporphyrins Demonstrate Strong Bacterial Effects against Multiple-Drug Resistant Bacteria – Hailey Avery, Dr. Troy Skwor and Dr. Matthew Bork
    • Effect of Photodynamic Therapy on Cytokine Production and Bacterial Growth – Katarina Klenke, Dr. Troy Skwor and Dr. Matthew Bork
    • The Vietnam War’s Effect on Higher Education – Holly Lutmer and Dr. Jacob Hardesty
    • The Catilinarian Conspiracy:  Fact or Fiction? – Karoline Olson and Dr. Stephanie Quinn
    • Bartonella Prevalence in Small Mammal Population in Northern Illinois – Malcolm Engelbrecht and Dr. Sean Beckmann
    • Potential Reservoirs of Borrelia burgdorferi in a Northern Illinois Prairie Ecosystem – Rhonda Freund and Dr. Sean Beckmann
    • Prevalence of Granulocytic Ehrlichia among Prairie dependent Rodent Species in Northern Illinois –Mallorie Getzelman and Dr. Sean Beckmann
    • Survey of the Impact of Prairie Restoration on the Population of Zapus hudsonius – Nicholas Naber and Dr. Sean Beckmann
    • An Assessment of the Impact of Prairie Restoration on Microtus Species Now and Over Time – Casey Pettit and Dr. Sean Beckmann
    • Prevalence of Berrelia Burgdorferi among Rodent Species in Northern Illinois – Taggart Venegas and Dr. Sean Beckmann
    • Population Variation & Migration of the 13-lined Ground Squirrel (spermophilus tridecemilineatus) between Connected Prairie Patches – Brooke Welch and Dr. Sean Beckmann

Colman Library


9:00AM – Is Human Waste One of the Causes of our Growing Antibiotic Resistant Problem Here in Rockford? (50-minute session)

Troy Skwor

Our study analyzes the prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacterial populations in chlorinated human wastewater and in the Rock River, as well as its potential to cause human disease.

Starr Science, 207


9:00AM – Religion and Violence: A View from Millennials (50-minute session)

Patricia Walters and Students

How are religion and violence really connected? What causes religious extremism? How do we confront religious violence? Millennials speak their minds.

Starr Science, 332


9:00AM – Shakespeare’s Sonnets and the Limits of Language (50-minute session)

Bill Gahan

Why compare thee to a summer’s day? How Shakespeare’s sonnets can help us think about love, life, and art.

Starr Science, 130


9:00AM – Chopsticks Marketing – A Study of a Business Relationship Lifecycle (25-minute session)

Ina Freeman

Primarily, this research examines the importance of business ethics and etiquettes in a business relationship lifecycle, and will involve respondents from both business and academia across 50 or more countries.

Starr Science, 201


9:30AM – Community Based Learning Opportunities (25-minute session)

Mary Weaks-Baxter, Pam Clark-Reidenbach, Ina Freeman

CBL is an essential component to affording students the experience of implementing their learnings while working in the community. This work often involves research to achieve the goal. The community benefits by becoming acquainted with potential employees. The school benefits by providing a service to the community. The many facets of CBLs as enacted in the PURI School of Business will be discussed.

Starr Science, 201


10:00AM – 11:00AM

10:00AM – 2016 Presidential Election Roundtable (50-minute session)

Robert Evans, Jules Gleicher, Ron Lee

Political Science Department faculty discuss the extraordinary presidential election of 2016, which has tested the boundaries of the party system and our constitutional politics.

Fisher Chapel


10:00AM – How do Immigrants Impact Labor Productivity in Host Countries? (50-minute session)

Roxana Idu

Immigrants’ participation in host economies has impacts through entrepreneurship, innovation, capital investment, and labor specialization. This session will overview empirical results from the economic literature and present new results.

Starr Science, 207


10:00AM – Killing Cancer with Light: Novel Alternative Treatments Against 2-D and 3-D Grown Human Tumor Cells  (50-minute session)

Brandon Leviskas, Troy Skwor, Matthew Bork

Our lab continues to develop novel photodynamic (visible light and a photosensitizer) treatments to combat different cancers providing a less toxic method than chemotherapy and radiation.

Starr Science, 201


10:00AM – 2 By 5, A Musical Revue by Kander and Ebb (50-minute session)

Performing Arts Students

This production, under the direction of Performing Arts department Professors Deborah Mogford, Timm Adams, and Amy Wright, is a compilation of popular musical theatre songs and dances from such smash hits as Chicago and Cabaret. 2 by 5 was performed by our students in Edinburgh, Scotland, in early August 2016 at the world renowned Festival Fringe.

Maddox Theatre, Clark Arts Center


10:00AM – Critical and Literary Theory: The Board Game (50-minute session)

English 342 Class

All are welcome to come and play with and/or observe this interactive Board Game that addresses the breadth and depth of critical and literary theory.

Colman Library


10:00AM – A Mentored APN Experience to Develop Interprofessional Role Competencies for Medical and Pharmacy Students (Poster; 50-minute session)

Laura Monahan

Miscommunication among healthcare providers contributes to 80% of serious medical errors, resulting in 210,000 deaths and losses of $12 billion annually. This evidence-based practice (EBP) project implements APN job-shadowing by paired medical and pharmacy students as a strategy to improve role awareness, knowledge of collaborative team functions, and enhanced practice communication.

Colman Library


10:00AM – Information Transcendence: Equipping People to Move Beyond Information Overload Towards Responsible Use, Evaluation, and Creation of Information (Poster; 50-minute session)

Kelly James, Joanna Bares, Andy Newgen

In a world that threatens information overload, hear how libraries and librarians face the challenge as they construct environments and frameworks to equip people to move beyond the limited role of information consumer towards responsible use, evaluation, and creation necessary for impactful citizenship.

Colman Library


10:00AM – Rockford College and World War II (Display; 50-minute session)

Mary Weaks-Baxter, Catherine Forslund

This display of Rockford College archival material from the World War II era gives a glimpse of the impact of the war on campus and ways students were engaged in war work.

Colman Library


10:00AM – CSR in Supply Chain Management: Turkish Airlines (25-minute session)

Egemen Deniz Bahar

Presentation of secondary research on the role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Turkish Airlines’ supply chain. As Turkey is an emerging nation and Turkish Airlines is a global business, CSR has an important role.

Starr Science, 332


10:00AM – Composing Audiences, Influences, and Classical Music (25-minute session)

Kyle Stedman

When do musical composers write for audiences, and when do they write for themselves? How do they incorporate or ignore music that came before them? And what does that have to do with composing in other media and genres?

Starr Science, 130


10:30AM – Roundtable Discussion: Designing Gender Studies Courses (25-minute session)

Sharon Bartlett, Stephanie Quinn

Professors Bartlett and Quinn will moderate a roundtable discussion on the design and teaching of gender studies courses.

Starr Science, 332


10:30AM – Poetry Reading: Dirt, Root, Silk (25-minute session)

Susan Porterfield

Professor Emerita Susan Azar Porterfield will be reading selections from her new collection of poetry, Dirt, Root, Silk.

Starr Science, 130


11:00AM – 11:50AM

11:00AM – The Quarrel between Philosophy and Poetry (50-minute session)

John Burns, Matt Flamm, William Gahan, Stephanie Quinn

Four humanities faculty members will discuss the ancient and current question of how truth is known, and whether poetry or philosophy is the “truer” guide.

Fisher Chapel


11:00AM – Sparking Magic: Innovation in the Classroom to Foster Higher-Level Thinking (50-minute session)

Caleb Lewis, Brian Huels, Jeff Fahrenwald, Ina Freeman

A discussion, and examples, of the innovative methods faculty in the Puri School of Business use beyond the traditional lecture to engage students.

Starr Science, 207


11:00AM – Art and Life: Our Process of Creating (50-minute session)

Philip Soosloff, David Menard, Chris Sisson

The three faculty members of the Department of Art and Art History who teach Studio Art courses will each show examples of their artwork and discuss the process they employ to create art.

Art Gallery, Clark Arts Center


11:00AM – An Ab Initio Study of Physisorption of Carbon Dioxide on Metal-Organic Frameworks (25-minute session)

Alex Pixler, Bill Doria

An investigation of new materials that may be useful for absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere or from industrial or automotive exhaust.

Starr Science, 201


11:00AM – Discontinuous Development: Sudden Life-altering Change and Transformation (25-minute session)

Jonathan Skalski

This empirical research describes transformations that reach to the level of one’s personality and relate to deep and lasting change.

Starr Science, 332


11:00AM – Performing Blues: Experiencing Langston Hughes’s Poetic Paradox (25-minute session)

Michael Perry

An examination of the nature of Hughes’s blues performance, in particular the desired communion between self and God that resonates across the landscape of the blues.

Starr Science, 130


11:30AM – Multi-Level ESL Collaborative Projects: Lessons Learned (25-minute session)

Clare Alsharif

This presentation discusses lessons learned by ESL staff while completing four types of multi-level projects. It includes ideas and pointers for multi-level projects.

Starr Science 130


11:30AM – Killing Multiple-Drug Resistant Bacteria Star Wars-Style with Light in Seconds (25-minute session)

Matthew Bork, Troy Skwor

Using handheld light-emitting diodes as a visible-light source and a porphyrin chemical, this photodynamic treatment has been able to kill multi-drug resistant bacteria like MRSA in seconds.

Starr Science, 201


11:30AM – Moving Beyond Tolerance: The Phenomenology of Change beyond Negative Tolerating (25-minute session)

Jonathan Skalski

This empirical research describes experiences of shifting from negatively tolerating to a positive experience of that same person.

Starr Science, 332



9:00AM – 11:00AM


  • Celebrating Partnerships: Mapping a New Beginning for the Library Classroom

Library Team and Dan Loescher

The new role of the active academic library is rooted in collaboration and partnership. Join us for an open house to celebrate our partnership with Dan G. Loescher, former trustee, and honor his loan to Rockford University of select maps from his extensive historical map collection.

Colman Library


  • Research: An Underpinning to the Visual Arts

Kelly James

Join us to view a selection of paintings by Kelly E. James and have a personal conversation with the artist about her work and how fundamental the research process is to her success as a visual artist.

Colman Library


  • Letitia Quesenberry

small antidote 

Letitia Quesenberry uses subtlety and obscurity as tools of investigation, lenses through which she inspects themes of memory, perception, and representation. While her portfolio varies in approach and message, a unity of effect runs through her work. Quesenberry offers this thread of continuity, a cognitive emotional moment of rest and quiet, to consider the many ways that certainty is elusive and ambiguity is compelling.

Art Gallery, Clark Arts Center

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fax: 815-394-5105

Schedule of Events

12/09/2016 4:28 pm


Delegate and Guest Registration

8:30AM – 12:30PM

Burpee Student Center, First Floor

12:45PM – 1:30PM

Clark Arts Center


Academic Showcase

9:00AM – 11:45AM

 Click here for a complete list of events and locations


Lunch for Purchase

12:00PM – 12:45PM

Burpee Student Center Dining Hall, The Den


Academic Procession Line-Up


Clark Arts Center


Inaugural Ceremony


Maddox Theatre, Clark Arts Center


Community Reception


Regents Hall, Burpee Student Center

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12/09/2016 4:19 pm





Eric W. Fulcomer, Ph.D.

as the 18th President of the University

Friday, November 4, 2016
2:00 p.m. 

Maddox Theatre, Clark Arts Center, Rockford University‌


Inaugural Address by Dr. Eric Fulcomer

Department Information

Office of the President
Burpee Center
5050 E. State Street
Rockford, IL 61108
fax: 815-394-5105

Rockford University News

12/09/2016 11:35 am

VP for Advancement Search

12/09/2016 11:28 am



Position Profile

Rockford University is accepting nominations and applications for the position of Vice President for Advancement. Reporting to the President, the Vice President oversees, guides, and monitors work of all the following positions and initiatives including direct oversight, at present, of the Director of Communications, the Director of Marketing, and the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement; is a member of the President’s Executive Council; and is responsible for Alumni Relations, Development, Communications (Internal and External; Print and Web), Government Relations and Community Relations.

Responsibilities (including, but not limited to):

  • Lead a team of advancement professionals, graduate assistants, undergraduate-student-support-staff, and volunteers in the ongoing development and implementation of a comprehensive and evolving plan that advances the university through marketing, communications, development, alumni programming, scheduling services and print/mail services.
  • Working with direct and indirect reports to ensure implementation of the division’s annual plans.
  • Monitor benchmarks for performance measured against the annual and strategic plans.
  • Administrative duties at Executive Council and with the Board of Trustees.
  • Serve as direct liaison to the President for his/her work in Development and Alumni.
  • Maintain a personal portfolio of prospects for cultivation, solicitation and stewardship.
  • Direct activities as they relate to special project fundraising, particularly capital campaign initiatives.
  • Other duties as assigned or absorbed.


  • Experience in fundraising, particularly in seeking major gifts and the planning essential to undertake a strong annual fund, and when appropriate a capital campaign.
  • Knowledge of planned giving instruments, estate planning concepts, legal documents and tax law and its implications in the philanthropic process is preferred.
  • Established record of effective public speaking and interpersonal and written communication skills is essential.
  • Ability to initiate and build relationships with prospective corporate and foundation donors, and interact via telephone and in person with institutional representatives.
  • Demonstrated record of success in generating significant commitments from corporations, foundations.
  • Organization, prioritization, judgment and problem-solving skills essential.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with various parties, including faculty, staff, students, vendors, Board of Trustees, and executives. Must also have strong networking skills.
  • Strong leadership and time management skills.
  • Knowledge of higher education.
  • Employee development and performance management skills.
  • High energy self starter; must be able to take initiative with minimal guidance and be comfortable working both as an individual and as part of a team.
  • The Vice President has demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities in working with faculty, staff and students with diverse backgrounds including academic, socioeconomic, cultural, sexual orientation, and disabilities.


  • An undergraduate degree in a related discipline along with appropriate experience, or preferably an advanced degree.
  • Broad management experience (minimum of ten years) in this or related fields, including an understanding and appreciation of the impact of a University to a community.

About Rockford University

Rockford University is a co-educational four-year private institution located in Rockford, Illinois. Chartered in 1847 as Rockford Female Seminary, the institution became Rockford College® in 1892 and became fully co-educational in 1958. On July 1, 2013 the college transitioned to Rockford University.

Rockford University is home to one of only 11 Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) chapters in Illinois, the most prestigious honor society in the United States. Named by The Princeton Review as a Best Midwestern College and one of only 81 colleges in the nation as a “College with a Conscience,” the University currently serves approximately 1,300 full-and part-time students. The University is pleased to continue to grow its enrollment. Best known of the university’s graduates is Jane Addams (1881), founder of Chicago’s Hull-House and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (1931). The University educates men and women to lead responsible lives by means of a curriculum grounded in liberal arts learning and complemented and extended by professional and practical experience. Through the total academic and co-curricular experience, Rockford University strives to prepare students for fulfilling lives, careers, and participation in a modern and changing global society.  The University has approximately 80 majors, minors and concentrations, including the adult accelerated degree completion program for a B.S. in Management Studies. At the graduate level, degrees are extended to include the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), and Master of Education (MEd).

On October 8, 2015, the University proudly announced the public phase of its capital campaign, Rock Solid & Ready: The Campaign for Rockford University. Through this campaign, the University will raise $17.3 million to enhance our campus environment and the student experience.

More About Rockford, Ill.

Located in northern Illinois just 90 miles from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Chicago, the City of Rockford is situated on a scenic riverfront and is home to 150,000 people who enjoy an urban atmosphere with the resources and benefits of a larger regional, combined statistical area of over 450,000. Known as the “City of Gardens,” Rockford has 7,000 acres of parks and public gardens. Within a few miles of the Rockford University campus, there are numerous restaurants, theaters, clubs, coffeehouses, museums, and galleries.

More information about Rockford:

Search Process and Timeline

Rockford University is being assisted by the partners of Hyatt – Fennell.  Nominations and application materials should be submitted via email to Rockford@hyatt-fennell.com. Applications include a letter of interest, a current résumé/cv, and contact information for five professional references and should be submitted in separate documents. Applications will be reviewed as they are received and should be submitted prior to FEBRUARY 26, 2018 to receive full consideration.  All applications and nominations will be considered highly confidential. Rockford University is an AA/EOE employer.

Hyatt-Fennell Logo

For more information, please contact:
Cheryl Hyatt

Department Information

VPIA Search Committee
Rockford University
5050 E. State Street
Rockford, IL 61108

Michael P. Mihalyo, Jr., D.M.A., Chair


Released in 2014, our Regional Economic Impact Analysis quantified the added value Rockford University generates for our regional community. In total, Rockford University and our students generated an additional $118.1 million in income to the economy.

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