Core Values of Students Conduct

  • Integrity: Rockford University students exemplify honesty, honor and a respect for the truth in all of their dealings.
  • Community: Rockford University students build and enhance their community.
  • Social Justice: Rockford University students are just and equitable in their treatment of all members of the community and act to discourage and/or intervene to prevent unjust and inequitable behaviors.
  • Respect: Rockford University students show positive regard for each other, for property and for the community.
  • Responsibility: Rockford University students are given and accept a high level of responsibility to self, to others and to the community. 

Rockford University students are responsible for knowing the information, policies and procedures outlined in this document. The University reserves the right to make changes to this code as necessary and once those changes are posted online, they are in effect. Students are encouraged to check online for the updated versions of all policies and procedures.