These regulations supercede all other publications of the regulations.

General. Rockford University’s awareness of parking regulations on campus is priority for all who visit, work and reside on our grounds. It is important that Rockford University ensures an environment that provides ease of movement and safety for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The need to regulate the traffic and parking of motor vehicles is essential to the safety of the University community and the preservation of the campus property. The Campus Safety and Security Team has diligently worked to review all parking regulations and developed a policy. The policy reflects a focus to create a walking community that takes full advantage of our interior space as well as existing parking areas. It also simplifies outdated regulations that will aid our campus safety and security team in more uniform and consistent implementation of regulations.

The financial penalties for not complying with the have been determined by the recommendation of the Campus Safety & Security Team (CSST). Parking spaces are provided for the convenience of those who own or operate motor vehicles. The University is not responsible for theft or damage that may occur to vehicles parked on campus property. Rockford University in not responsible for disabled vehicles and the owners must arrange with commercial garages for repairs, towing, etc. Vehicles may not be left at the University for storage purposes.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Campus Safety and Security.

Registration of vehicle. All students (full-time, part-time, or summer session) and all faculty and staff who intend to operate a motor vehicle must have it registered with the Campus Safety& Security Department Office located in the Marland Physical Plant or at Student Administrative Services (SAS) on the first day the vehicle is brought onto campus. Parking stickers are issued at no charge and should be displayed on the LEFT REAR WINDOW OF THE VEHICLE (when possible). All prior years parking decals should be removed with only the current year visible.

Parking areas. In order to ease the congestion of parking in specific areas, different groups have been identified and assigned parking in specific areas. All major parking areas have letter designations, and all parking stickers issued will have a letter or will indicate “OPEN LOTS.” Open Lots are parking lots “A,” “B,” Starr Science “C” (or west “C”), “E” and “G,” designating the parking areas to be used with an open lot sticker. Vehicles are required to park in marked stalls only. Vehicles must be parked between the lines of a parking stall and not cross over the lines or outside of the lines.

Parking Lots and Locations. View parking color-coded map.

  • Parking Lot “A” – Open lot or student parking (Main Campus Parking) off Gloyd Parkway main entrance onto campus.
  • Parking Lot “B” – Open lot or student parking (Clark Arts Center); rear entrance onto campus.
  • Parking Lot “C” (West) – Open lot or student parking (west of Starr Science Building) across from Clark Arts Center. Note: Faculty/Staff and Special Needs parking where marked.
  • Parking Lot “C” (East) – Faculty/Staff Open Lot parking only (east behind Starr Science Building).
  • Parking Lot “D” – Faculty/Staff Open Lot parking only (behind Howard Colman Library). Special Needs parking where marked. One (1) reserved space for Lang Health Medical Staff (Doctor) where marked.
  • Parking Lot “E” – Open Lot or student parking (by Seaver Gym). Faculty/Staff and Special Needs parking only where marked.
  • Parking Lot “F” – Parking for Marland Physical Plant and Campus Safety & Security staff only.
  • Parking Lot “G” – Open Lot or student parking (across from Kent Center). Special Needs parking only where marked.
  • Parking Lot “H” – Restricted parking by permit only for students of Cummings Living Center
  • Cummings Complex – Faculty/Staff open parking where marked.
  • Nelson Lot – Faculty/Staff Open Parking only. Special Needs and Visitor parking only where marked.
  • Scarborough Loading Dock – Faculty/Staff Open Parking only where marked.
  • Angle Parking – Faculty/Staff Open Parking only.
  • Burpee Loading Dock – No parking allowed. Area designated for deliveries, loading and unloading at Burpee Center only.
  • Clark Arts Center (Circle Drive) – 30-minute parking only. Faculty/Staff Open Parking in lot off Circle Drive.
  • Clark Arts Center (Loading Dock) – Faculty/Staff Open Parking only.
  • Fisher Circle – Posted one (1) hour parking only.
  • Johnson Alumni Center Circle – Alumni parking only.
  • Burpee Circle – Posted Visitor and 30-minute parking only. Special Needs parking where marked.

No parking areas.
Parking is not permitted along roadways, on pedestrian walks, on the grass, in “No Parking” zones; assigned restricted parking stalls, loading zones, handicapped parking stalls, etc. CAUTION: “Blue Zone” is Special Needs Parking; “Red Zone” is for Fire Lane.

  • Cummings Circle Drive. Posted Fire Lane by the Rockford Fire Department. Vehicles parking in this area will be ticketed by Campus Safety and Security or the City of Rockford Fire & Police Departments.
  • Kent Circle. Kent Circle is posted with two (2) Visitors’ parking spaces: one (1) for Special Needs parking and one (1) Faculty/Staff open parking. No parking is allowed in the remainder of the circle. Vehicles are to park in Lot “G” across the street from Kent Center.
  • No parking is permitted at Rockford University on roadways, grass, or sidewalks. Tickets will be issued for on-street parking.

Snow Policy. During the winter months, no parking will be allowed on our campus roadsides after two (2) inches of snow. In any other inclement weather (i.e. ice storms), cars will have to be moved from campus roadsides. Vehicles may be restricted from parking lots during plowing and clearing of lots during and after snow storms with notification from the Campus Safety & Security Department. The campus community will be notified via a voicemail message if it is necessary to move vehicles.
Schedule of Penalties

Speeding $25.00
Careless Driving $25.00
Stop Sign Violation $25.00
Parking On Roadway $25.00
Driving Off Pavement $25.00
Failure To Yield $25.00
Fire Lane Parking $100.00
Handicapped Parking $250.00


Class II Violations. All Parking Violations are listed below (in effect at all times, including nights and weekends). Parking Violations Cummings: This system was proposed by the students who live in Cummings and wanted to see some changes in the parking problem that they face.

Violation 1
Violation 2
Violation 3
Violation 4
Violation 5
Students $25 $50 $75* $100** See Below***
Faculty/Staff $25 $50 $75* $100** See Below***

Parking Violations Closed Lots: East “C” – Starr Science, Lots “D” – Howard Colman Library, Starr Faculty, Starr Loading and Nelson.

Violation 1
Violation 2
Violation 3
Violation 4
Violation 5
Students $25 $25 $25* $25** See Below***
Faculty/Staff $25 $25 $25* $25** See Below***


* The 3rd violation creates the threshold for possible disciplinary action. The student will receive a written notification that possible action under the student code can be taken.
** With the 4th violation, there will be disciplinary action taken, such as campus community service.
*** With the 5th violation, disciplinary action, increased fees and/or towing will be an option to be decided by Campus Safety & Security.


* With the 3rd violation, written notification of accumulated charges will be copied to the appropriate Department Chair or immediate supervisor and Human Resources. A verbal warning will also be issued by Human Resources.
** With the 4th violation, the employee will have a meeting with his/her Department Chair or immediate supervisor and Human Resources and receive a written warning.
*** With the 5th violation, disciplinary action, increased fees and/or towing will be an option to be decided by Human Resources and Campus Safety & Security.

Towing Policy. 
Effective Fall 2014, there will be a towing policy in place that will include all students, visitors, faculty and staff. Vehicles found to have five (5) or more outstanding citations will receive a “Tow Warning” affixed to the driver’s side window. The owner/operator of the vehicle will have three (3) business days from the date of the tow warning to pay all citations. Payments can be made in Student Administrative Services (SAS), located in the lower level of Nelson Hall. As a courtesy, the day the “Tow Warning” is affixed to the vehicle, the Department of Safety & Security will attempt to contact the individual listed on the parking permit application and inform them of the “Tow Warning” status. Failure to comply with the “Tow Warning” will result in the vehicle being towed from University property at the owner’s expense. In addition, the University is not responsible for damage to a vehicle resulting from towing.

Review our Towing Policy

Campus Safety and Security
Marland Physical Plant
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fax: 815-394-5293
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