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Care Packs for the Homeless

04/29/2020 1:10 pm

Sarah Irvin, a Rockford University Senior in Dance, uses her influence to give hope to Rockford’s homeless community. Through her project called “Care Packs for the Homeless,” Irvine works to lift the strain on Rockford homeless shelters and population.

Rockford has a few shelter locations. These include Carpenter’s Place, MELD at Trinity House, and Rockford Rescue Mission. However, many shelters have to turn away patrons due to meeting capacity. Sarah Irvin’s project aims to provide the resources necessary to those who are unable to stay the night.

Irvin explains how her inspiration stems from her experience back home in Virginia. “There’s a girl who made blankets for the homeless. She got a mini-van and loaded it up with extra blankets from the community coat drive,” Irvin said.

With the mindset of giving back to the Rockford community, Irvin works to create portable comfort packs for the homeless. Handmade scarves, personal hygiene, and non-perishable food items will be included in 50 individually packed bags. She asks Rockford University students, faculty, and staff to participate and give back to her cause.

“Being able to see someone do something to address this problem was inspiring, showing me that you really can make a difference, and there are ways to help. Everyone has such a busy schedule and it’s a process to volunteer, but you don’t need any qualifications to donate,” Irvin said.

Before Spring Break, Sarah Irvin dropped off the care packs to those in need. She created change using the Jane Ashcraft Alexander Memorial Scholarship, a scholarship that gives students an incentive to create community service projects. Contact the Jane Addams Center of Civic Engagement for more information on how you can reach people in need.