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Brett Ott

12/01/2015 11:21 am

BrettOtt-150x267Brett is from, South Beloit, Illinois and was nominated by Dr. Mehmet Dik and Dr. Filiz Dik. He is a math major, and this is his first semester at RU. Brett also serves as a member of the Men’s Basketball Team, which was one of his goals before attending college.

Dr. Mehmet Dik and Dr. Filiz Dik state that Brett is a great addition to the Mathematics program at RU. They both share that he is a very intelligent student and a pleasure to have in their Calculus I and Statistics courses. Specifically, he always participates in class discussions and offers his insights on solutions to complex problems. He exhibits a collaborative demeanor as he assists classmates with group work in and out of classes.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Brett is a participant in InterVarsity and the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. He shares that he is appreciative of the classroom environment at RU. He enjoys studying at RU because the small class sizes make it easy to ask questions and interact with his professors. After he graduates from RU Brett would like to continue his education by attending graduate school with a focus on engineering.

Congratulations Brett!