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Alpha Helix receives 2015 Hutchcroft Youth Award for Environmental Excellence

04/15/2015 11:38 am

Rockford, Ill., – Alpha Helix, a science club at Rockford University, was awarded the 2015 Hutchcroft Youth Award for Environmental Excellence by

Michael Hoefer, Ashley Brown, Amanda Bonivia, Professor Emeritus Fred Hadley, Richard Louv, Sierra Delahanty, Ashley Rodgers, Professor Deb Breiter, Ph.D., Lori Gummow (Executive Director of Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful)

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful during an April 2 Earth Day Luncheon. The award is bestowed upon an individual or group of youth exhibiting a commitment to improving the environment and is named in recognition of late Rockford University Chemistry Professor Alan Hutchcroft.

More information about the achievements of Alpha Helix can be found in the full press release here: Environmental Awards presented by Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful. ‌