I’m not sure an MBA is right for me. How can I find out?

The MBA program at Rockford University is the only program in the area to offer students the option of taking up to four graduate classes and ALL prerequisite courses before formally enrolling in the program. Take a class and see if you like it! Note: To be eligible for financial aid you must be admitted.

Is earning an MBA at Rockford University more expensive than other institutions?

The cost is surprisingly cost competitive with other MBA programs, both locally and nationally. Public and not-for-profit employees serving the Rock River Valley receive a significant discount on tuition because most not-for-profits are unable to offer the same advantage of tuition reimbursement. Part-time student grants are available for students who are paying tuition out of their own pocket. In addition, Rockford University offers deferred payment for students whose employers are reimbursing them for classes.

How can an MBA from Rockford University help me in my career?

The benefits of earning an MBA are numerous. Rockford University MBA graduates often earn promotions and pay raises faster than if they hadn’t.

I wasn’t a business major in college. Do I need to take any classes before enrolling?

There are 5 prerequisite courses that may need to be taken if they were not needed for your bachelor’s degree. If you need to take any of these courses it is advised that you take them early in the program so they will fit in your schedule and have the correct prerequisite for a class you want to take. Prerequisites needed are: managerial and financial accounting, 300-level finance, macro and microeconomics, calculus, and statistics. These courses can be taken at Rockford University, but do not count towards your 36 MBA credit hours and must be taken prior to graduating. You may take a proficiency exam if you feel you have gained the knowledge of a particular prerequisite. The cost is $50 per exam. Contact the Graduate Studies Office at 815-226-4040 for a transcript evaluation and for information on the proficiency exam.

I have a busy schedule. How often do MBA classes meet?

Classes are set up around normal daytime business hours. Classes are offered evenings once a week, early mornings twice a week and Saturday morning.

Can I just take a few courses that interest me and not get the MBA degree?

Yes you can. You can take up to four courses to gain needed knowledge. Keep in mind you will not be eligible for financial aid without being admitted to the MBA program. Our Graduate Certificate Programmay be right for you. It is comprised of five of our core MBA courses. Each class is designed to build and improve upon your basic business skills.

How do I know if my undergraduate work meets the prerequisites for the classes?

Have a copy of your undergraduate transcript sent to the Graduate Studies Office for an evaluation. Generally speaking, if you have had two semesters of undergraduate accounting from an accredited institution, you have met that prerequisite. One semester of undergraduate finance usually satisfies the finance prerequisite. An undergraduate calculus class typically satisfies the math prerequisite. A term of macroeconomics and a term microeconomics most often satisfies the economics prerequisite.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The program can be completed in as little as two years and as long as five years.

What are my next steps?

If you wish to get your MBA send your transcript to the Graduate Office for a transcript evaluation. Start working on the admission requirements and find out when you can register for courses. You may skip the admission requirements if you are going to take a few MBA courses to “try out our program.”

What are courses like?

Most courses are a combination of lecture, individual and group presentations. Group projects and papers which are applied to the course material and work world.

How soon can I start?

We have a rolling admission and unless you need financial aid, you can register during open enrollment for the next available semester. Our semesters start the middle of January, the middle of May, and the middle of August.

Is the Rockford University MBA program accredited?

Yes. Rockford University is accredited both by the North Central Association of Colleges and Universities (NCA) and the International Association of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

The Higher Learning Commission
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
30 North LaSalle St., Ste. 2400
Chicago IL 60602-2504
Phone: 800-621-7440

International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education
P.O. Box 25217
Overland Park, KS 66225
Phone: 913-631-3009

I’ve heard that some MBA programs are VERY theoretical and others are all application without much theory. Where does the Rockford University fit?

Rockford University joins the theoretical with the applied. Our philosophy is to provide practical education with the foundation of theory so that students know how to handle current situations, but also have the tools to think and reason out new situations they will encounter throughout their careers.

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