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Get all the advantages of attending the region’s leading private four-year university, AND earning a degree in an opportunity-rich field that is in high demand for employees – especially recent graduates. 

Check out Rockford University’s five new degree programs and find the right one for you! 

Job prospects are amazing right now, growing faster than the industry average!  Bottom line: With the right skills + a college degree + the right certifications = incredible job opportunities. 

There are six supply chain job openings for every qualified candidate! Our program has been built with expertise from a multi-billion-dollar company and you’ll learn exactly what you need to excel in this exciting field.

Jobs in Healthcare Administration are growing at a rate of 32%. A degree in Healthcare Administration can help you land not only a financially rewarding job but one that you are passionate about!

There’s never been a better time to consider a career in Data Analytics. Jobs are expected to grow 25% over the next decade – that’s 3x the national average! 

Our Data Science program prepares you to take on complex data challenges and make data-driven decisions that drive business success. Become indispensable to your organization with a degree in Data Science.

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