Edward W. and Virginia Mill Award
The Edward W. and Virginia Mill Scholarship Scholarship in the department of Political Science was established in 1981 in memory of Dr. Edward Mill, who was Chairman of our Department from 1955 to 1959, and his wife Virginia. In addition to his professorship here, Dr. Mill taught at Long Island University and Occidental College and occupied a number of positions in the United States Foreign Service and the State Department.

The recipient, a junior or senior majoring in Political Science, or a Social Sciences Divisional major whose primary concentration is Political Science, must have completed 20 credit hours in Political Science (or, in the case of transfer students, at least 16 hours at Rockford University), and have an outstanding academic record, both in the major and overall.

Political Awareness Award
The Political Awareness Award was established in 2004 by Helena Milman, an alumna of our Political Science Department who graduated in 1997. Lena came to the United States from Russia, at the age of 15, as an exchange student at the Belle Emerson Keith School. Her grasp of English was a bit shaky, but she was fiercely determined to make the best of her new opportunities. While at Rockford University, she attended the Washington Semester Program and was active in the Model UN and the International Students Association. Following graduation, she worked at a law firm in Chicago.  The award that she set up recognizes students who, like its sponsor, have demonstrated extraordinary regard for political thought and political action, and who are free thinkers.

The recipient must be a senior, whose GPA is at least 2.4, whose last two years and most of whose upper-level coursework has been taken at Rockford University (including approved off-campus programs, such as Regent’s College or the Washington Semester).

For more information on scholarships relevant to this department, please visit the Academic Catalog (pdf).

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