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$1.2 Million investment in campus-wide improvements taking place this summer

07/02/2018 12:16 pm

Rockford University is investing $1.2 million in improvements to its campus, with the majority of work taking place during the summer months and prior to the University’s first day of classes on August 22, 2018. Approved by the Board of Trustees at its May meeting, the scope of work will impact virtually every area of campus. Approximately $600,000 of the $1.2 million has been dedicated to residence hall improvements.

Since 2008, the University has invested $25 million and made substantial improvements to its physical plant, including the 2015 renovations to the Burpee Student Center and Seaver Physical Education Center that totaled more than $5 million, and the recently completed $1 million modernization of the Starr Science Center. This summer’s project plan will focus on those elements that have the greatest impact to the overall student experience.

Senior Director of Operations Ed Tomaszkiewicz notes that just as important to the University’s external appearance is ensuring that critical infrastructure improvements are also part of the summer’s work schedule adding, “Balancing projects that include needs for new furniture, carpet, windows, exterior lighting and sidewalks with items like backup generators, chiller pumps, coils, and electrical system upgrades allow us to enjoy the excitement of sharing the visible transformations with our students and guests, while at the same time, giving us increased peace of mind that we are investing in what’s necessary to support the needs of a busy and growing campus.”

More than 60 projects are currently underway with the majority of work occurring prior to undergraduate students returning in early August. The construction does not impact the University existing variety of summer camps or classes that take place throughout the summer. Additional renovation work in residence halls, student lounges, classrooms and campus grounds will continue into the fall.  Undergraduate students will return to campus beginning in early August. Progress made throughout the summer will be highlighted and shared on the University’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  

Campus Aerial Drone June 2018

Aerial drone footage of Rockford University’s campus taken in June 2018.