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Outside Scholarships

02/20/2018 3:38 pm

Many students use outside scholarships to help fund their education. High schools, community organizations, churches, employers and many others have outside scholarships that students should always be on the lookout for. All legitimate scholarship search engines and applications must be free and should not request any credit card or bank information from the applicant. Throughout the year our office receives information about outside scholarships opportunities and information on these are listed below. These scholarships are not offered or maintained by Rockford University.


Outside Scholarship Search Engines


Outside Scholarship Opportunities

  • ABWA Scholarship – Forest City Charter Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association – scholarship to an individual living in Winnebago or Boone Counties – Application Due by March 14, 2018
  • RNPW Scholarship – One $2,500 scholarship will be awarded to a woman 23 years old or older, living in Winnebago or Boone County – Application Due by March 1, 2018
  • Brown, PC is now accepting applications for the firm’s National Founder’s Scholarship, a $500 stipend which will be awarded to a current U.S. undergraduate student earning their bachelor’s degree in business, with a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship. Application Due by August 6, 2018
  • Blanche J. Martin Scholarship – Awarded to a full time student majoring in elementary education – Application Due by April 15, 2018


Council of Global Affairs

02/14/2018 6:59 pm

Message to Rockford University Students from the Faculty

The faculty of Rockford University is committed to the teaching mission of the institution and thus to all our students. The faculty values and appreciates the diversity of religion, ethnicity, national origin, race, disability, and gender in our student body. The rich diversity present in our campus community enriches the educational environment by deepening our understanding of the world and better equipping all students to be global citizens. We, the members of the Rockford University faculty, wish each of you to know that you have our support in your efforts to grow, learn, and fulfill your dreams. We are glad you have chosen to study at Rockford University, and we value your contributions to the whole RU community. We are your teachers and we are here to help and support you.

Council of Global Affairs

 The Council on Global Affairs is a group of faculty and staff who have volunteered to meet regularly to discuss issues and activities of global significance on campus. Current members include Sam Bandy, John Burns, Maria Diemer, Mehmet Dik, Catherine Forslund, William Gahan, Julie Griffith, Ron Lee, Marilen Loyola, Andy Newgren, Matt Phillips, Stephanie Quinn, Luis Romero, Deepshikha Shukla, Jean Swindle, and Gidget Tay. 

Global Faculty Fellow

Program Chair and Associate Professor of Physics, Deepshikha Shukla, Ph. D. is the current Global Faculty Fellow at Rockford University. With her experience in the education systems of India and the US, she is passionate about creating a culture where domestic and international students, faculty and staff symbiotically co-habitate. Assimilation of international students at RU and promoting international experience for the entire campus lies at the core of her initiatives. Internationalization is her ‘mantra’.”

Flags Displayed on Campus

Currently we are displaying the flags of Sweden and Ukraine.

Cross-cultural Classes

Cross-cultural classes are designed for international English as a Second Language students (ESL) and undergraduate/graduate native English-speaking students studying at RU. The aim of these classes is to help the ESL students to be confident and improve their level of fluency in English in addition to helping native English-speakers gain valuable information about other cultures and people.  The international and RU students bring their own ideas and thoughts shaped by their cultures. The classes are an exchange where both ESL and RU students discover and get to know each other. This class provides an excellent atmosphere of mutual sharing and cross-culture communication. Students build new relationships and acquire a sense of achievement. 

Symbiotic dialogue between Cross-cultural Psychology class and ESL students. 

Global Connections Newsletter




Global Spotlight Award


Congratulations to our Global Spotlight Student of the Month!

Nominate a student to be our Global Spotlight Student of the Month!


A student who has demonstrated a commitment as an agent of cross-cultural change will be selected monthly. Students may be domestic or international and nominated by any staff or faculty member. Criteria are as follows:

  1. The student has participated in school or community activities that are cross-cultural.
  2. The student has demonstrated a commitment to advancing cultural awareness.
  3. The student functions as a cross-cultural agent of change.

Recipients of the award will be asked to participate in a recorded interview designed to increase cross-cultural awareness across campus.

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Campus Activities Board (CAB)

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CAB Co-Leaders
  • Josh Baez, Senior 
  • Vivian Knapp, Sophomore 
Attend a Meeting

Every Thursday 12 p.m. in the Grace Roper Lounge

Rockford University

Student Government Association

Attend a Meeting

Meetings: 9:30 pm every Monday in the Presidents Dining Room

Executive Board

Executive Board

President-Emily Bellows

Vice-President- Hailey Avery

Secretary & Treasurer- Vacant

Sophomore Senator- Tiniya Dixion

Junior Senator- Randi Tucker

Vanessa Ostrander- Senior Senator

Commuter & ESLK Senators-Pending

Clubs and Orgs

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American Chemical Society Student Affiliates
Craft Club
Spanish Club
Pysch Society
Math Club
Alpha Helix Science Club
Multicultural Club
Nursing Student Organization
Saudi Club
Rockford Education Club

State of the University

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