Complaint/Appeal Process for Established University Policies
The University has processes in place for students who wish to file a grade appeal, a financial aid suspension appeal, a late registration appeal, a refund policy appeal, or a student conduct appeal.  The University also has processes in place for students who wish to file a sexual harassment or sexual misconduct complaint.  The list below outlines University processes for grade appeals, financial aid suspension, late registration appeals, refund policy appeals, and student conduct appeals.

  1. Grade Appeals:
    A student who questions the justice of a final grade must first seek an explanation from the course instructor. If the student feels the grade was arbitrarily assigned the student may start a formal appeal of the grade. Grade appeal forms are available from the Office of Academic Affairs in Colman or in the Forms section of the portal. The formal grade appeal is initially directed to the course instructor, then reviewed by department chair, college dean, and Provost. Only if the department chair, college dean and Provost agree that a grade was arbitrary, will an advisory recommendation concerning a grade be made to an instructor. If the advisory recommendation is not accepted by the instructor, then a faculty ad hoc committee is formed to review the appeal and to issue a binding decision concerning the grade.
  2. Financial Aid Suspension Appeal: 
    To appeal the financial aid suspension, a student must, within 15 calendar days of notification, submit to the Financial Aid Office (1st floor Nelson Hall) a signed and dated letter of appeal explaining why he/she should not be suspended. A student may appeal for emergency condition (i.e. health, family, catastrophe, etc.) Documentation verifying the situation may be requested. The Financial Aid committee will consider the appeal and render a decision, which the Director of Financial Aid will convey in writing to the student.
  3. Late Registration Appeal:
    Students are expected to register at the times and places announced by the registrar. Registration is not considered complete until students’ accounts show all charges have been paid or arrangements for payment have been made.Students who have not paid or not made satisfactory arrangements for payment may be dropped from classes by the SAS office (1st floor Nelson Hall), and the student will remain responsible for any amount outstanding. Students may appeal any outstanding balance to the Assistant Vice President for Student Administrative Services (SAS). Students who register after the scheduled registration period may be required to pay a $100 fee for the registration process.
  4. Refund Policies Appeal:
    Students can receive full refunds of prepaid tuition, fees, and room-and-board costs (less the non-refundable deposits) if they present written notice of withdrawal at the SAS office before the last drop date. Refer to academic calendars ( Students who withdraw after classes begin receive refunds based on a refund schedule found in the Academic Catalog.Important: Students receiving financial aid should confer with the SAS office to determine how their aid packages will be affected before they change their status. Students who withdraw from all classes after the last day to withdraw with a refund will be subject to removal of Title IV aid based on results from the U.S. Department of Education.Students may appeal any refund policy decision to the Assistant Vice President for Student Administrative Services (1st floor Nelson Hall).
  5. Student Conduct Appeals:
    A student may appeal a decision concerning the finding of a violation or the sanction(s) imposed. Appeals are to be submitted within five (5) business days of notification of a decision. To submit an appeal, the student must submit a typed explanation of the grounds upon which the appeal is made to the appropriate University official. This explanation should clearly and completely set forth the grounds for appeal. Specific appeal information is included in the sanction/outcome letter.
  6. Sexual Misconduct (Filing a complaint)
    Information on filing a sexual misconduct incident can be found on the University’s Office of Compliance and Title IX page.

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