Police & Dept of Public Safety Policies & Procedures

Rockford University Police & Department of Public Safety Objectives

Rockford University maintains a safe campus environment for students, staff and visitors. The Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety from the Physical Plant 24 hours a day. The objectives are as follows:

  • To protect the safety of persons at Rockford University against criminal acts and accident.
  • To protect property of the University and its students, staff and visitors against loss or damage from any cause.
  • To help determine and apprehend persons suspected of criminal acts or violations of University policy against community members and the University.
  • To enforce Rockford University rules and regulations (i.e., traffic, fire, natural disaster, and medical emergencies) intended to protect life and property.
  • To offer visitors and members of the University community assistance which promotes smooth operation of the University and projects a positive image.

Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety should be contacted for all emergencies by dialing extension 4060 or 0 (operator) from any campus telephone or by dialing 815-226-4060 from an off-campus telephone. Residence Life Staff are also available to assist you in an emergency and may be reached by contacting Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety. If incidents occur where University property is damaged or the safety and welfare of people is at risk, the campus operator, in cooperation and consultation with Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety, will contact the appropriate emergency agency (police department, fire department or ambulance) if when assistance is needed.

Security and Access to Campus Facilities

The Rockford University campus is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., except in specific instances where registered groups have received permission for the hours to be extended. Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety has sole responsibility for locking and unlocking the main exterior doors of academic and administrative buildings. Access to these buildings outside normal hours requires written permission of a faculty or staff member supervising the activity. The Residence Halls are locked 24 hours a day. Students gain access to their residences with a room key or exterior electronic access card. Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety personnel and the residence hall staff on duty make periodic rounds to ensure that campus buildings are being secured and that safety equipment is in the proper location and functional. Students should not prop doors open and should report any such incident to their Resident Assistant and/or to Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety. Forcible or unauthorized entry into any building, structure, facility or room on property owned or controlled by Rockford University is forbidden. Improper use of designated exits also is forbidden. Violations may result in disciplinary action up to and including separation from the University.

Our Relationship with Local Authorities

Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety maintains a working relationship with the Rockford Police and Fire Departments. Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety and campus operators maintain telephone contact with appropriate outside emergency agencies. Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety personnel are authorized to detain individuals for questioning or further action as may be determined appropriate by the Rockford Police or Fire Departments. Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety will assist the Rockford Police and/or Fire Department in their duties at their request. Rockford University Police has full arrest powers in the State of Illinois.   A written report will be made on incidents where Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety is called for assistance. The victim(s) will be encouraged to file a report with the Rockford Police Department or other appropriate authorities.

Safety on Campus

Campus safety and security are growing issues at colleges across the country. At Rockford University, your personal safety is our prime concern. There are very few incidents of crime on the Rockford University campus because of the cooperative efforts of our Rockford University Police and Department Public Safety and members of the University community. With your help, we can maintain a safe environment. The purpose of this information is to educate you about safety and to help you protect yourself. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety in the Marland Physical Plant building. Your input in creating a safe community is always welcome.

You Can Help Keep Our Crime Rate Low

Rockford University enjoys a low crime rate because we encourage our students to exercise safety precautions on campus as if they were in a large city with a high crime rate. As a caring community, we strive to be proactive and take measures to reduce the likelihood that an incident will occur. Below are some suggestions we encourage you to follow.

  • Take the best-lighted route to your destination.
  • Never walk alone; walk in pairs or small groups. Call the Student Patrol Service or Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety for an escort, if you prefer. 815.226.4060.
  • Have your keys out. Be prepared to enter your vehicle, residence hall or academic building when you arrive at your destination. Many victims are caught while they search for keys. Report to Physical Plant burned-out lights, buildings where doors are propped open and areas which need to have the brush and trees trimmed so these can be taken care of in a timely manner.
  • Report suspicious individuals or circumstances to Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety and/or a University official immediately. We will investigate.
  • If you are followed onto campus, drive directly to Physical Plant and seek immediate assistance from Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety.
  • Always lock your residence hall room and/or vehicle. If your door is unlocked or has been tampered with, contact Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety before you enter the room or vehicle.
  • Do not give your name, residence, or telephone number to people you do not know well.
  • Never go to help someone you don’t know until you have a “buddy” to assist you. You never know what the person calling for help may do.
  • Always trust your instinct. Listen to your gut feelings. They are almost always right! Use your eyes, your ears and then your feet. If you are being pursued, run to an area where other people are-a classroom when classes are in session, the cafeteria, a residence hall, etc.

Crime Statistics

Statistical Information is available at https://www.rockford.edu/?page=SafetyCrimeLog  about crime at Rockford University from the U.S. Dept. of Education 


Accident and Injury Reports

When someone has an accident or is injured on campus, Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety (815-226-4060) should be contacted. It is imperative that an ACCIDENT/INJURY REPORT be completed immediately and forwarded to Lang Center and other appropriate offices. The form should be completed even if no medical attention is sought.

Alert System - RU Alert

Rockford University has an alert system, RU Alert, for the campus community, including students, faculty and staff. The system will alert subscribers of an immediate threat to the campus community via land line phones, cell phone voice messages, text messages, and e-mail. Messages will be brief, include basic information, and provide instructions on how to obtain additional details.

The specific means of receiving messages is up to the recipient and are listed on an RU Alert Profile you can initiate by going to the Rockford University portal (my.rockford.edu) and clicking on the “RU Alert” section. Please remember that you can only receive these important alerts if you sign up for the service. It’s free (customary text message charges may apply) and it only takes a few minutes to sign up. Please note that the service is only intended for Rockford University students, faculty and staff. 

Coordination of Disaster Operations

Coordination of disaster operations will be from Physical Plant. The AVP of Operations serves as disaster director, assisted by other members of the core emergency response team.

Fire Regulations

In the event of a fire alarm, instructors are responsible for evacuating classrooms. They should direct students to the nearest exit and go with them to a distance of at least 100 feet from the building. No one may return to the building until directed to do so by Rockford University Police & Department of Public Safety.

Anyone discovering a fire should pull the nearest fire alarm and notify the campus operator of its location. When help arrives notify the personnel of the location of fire.

ALL members of the University community and any guests on campus are required to evacuate when the fire alarm sounds. Windows and doors should be closed. Fire-fighting equipment is to be used only as necessary. Abuse or misuse must be reported to the Rockford University Chief of Police (or a member of Student Life if the misuse occurs in a residence hall) immediately so that it may be restored to useful condition without delay.

Reporting of False Emergencies

The intentional false report of a bomb, fire, or other emergency condition in any University facility or on property controlled by the University is prohibited. The maximum sanctions available under this Code shall be considered in disciplinary action against violators.

Alteration or Misuse of Emergency/Safety Equipment

The alteration or misuse of any fire-fighting equipment; safety equipment; protective devices and Physical Plant equipment designed for such purpose; or other emergency devices is prohibited.

Severe Weather Warning Procedures

In the event that the National Weather Service issues a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM or a TORNADO WARNING, the campus community will be notified of the warning by Rockford University Police and Department of Public Safety.

Non-Residential and Classroom Buildings

Individuals should move to the lowest possible level, away from windows and doors, when alerted to do so. Interior hallways and bathrooms are the safest areas.

  • Starr Science Building – Move to Peterson Auditorium or the Small Science Auditorium.
  • Scarborough Hall – Move to the restrooms located by Severson Auditorium.
  • Seaver Physical Education Building – Move to the Men’ s locker room.
  • Clark Arts Center – Move to the Green Room.
  • Colman Library – Move to the lower level.
  • Fisher Memorial Chapel – Move to the inner sanctuary.
  • Lang Center – Move to interior restrooms.
  • Marland Physical Plant – Move to the women’s restroom.
  • Burpee Student Center – Move to the lower level.


Residence Halls

The operator will contact the Resident Assistant or professional Residence Life Staff.


  • Cummings Complex – The laundry room and the hallway from the Living Center to Barnes Hall and the first floor hallway in Talcott Hall.
  • Small Houses (Olson, Caster, Ekvall and McPhail) – In the middle part of the first floor hallway with the doors to each room/suite closed, or in the first floor common area bathroom.
  • Small Houses (Svenson and Dayton) – In the middle portion of the first floor hallway with the doors to each room closed, or in the first floor common area bathroom.


In addition to the information provided in this student handbook, you can also refer to the Emergency Guides located throughout the campus to learn more about how to respond to a variety of emergency situations.