Dining Services

General Information

Rockford University contracts with Fresh Ideas to provide food service to the campus community.  Any member of the University community may participate in the food service program.  Resident students are required to participate in the meal plan program through the Meal Plan Contract.  Commuter students can participate through use of Reggie Bucks (declining balance) via the FreshX by Fresh Ideas app.  Contact the Dining Service or SAS offices for prices..

Food service is provided in Burpee Dining Hall and the Den.  The Burpee Dining Hall is located on the 2nd floor of the Burpee Student Center. The Den is located on first floor of the Burpee Student Center.  Sodexo also provides catering services to meet the needs of the campus and local community.

Campus Dining Policies

  • All customers (student, faculty, staff and guests) must wear appropriate clothing and footwear in the dining areas at all times.
  • Students are required to present I.D. Cards for all meals. This is done to protect the Students’ meal plan balances.
  • Dining room property, such as dishes, trays, pitchers, silverware, kitchen equipment and furniture equipment, must not be removed from the dining room.
  • Everyone must carry dishes and tableware to the designated dish return area at the completion of the meal.
  • With the exception of To-Go-Box meals, no food may be removed from the Burpee Dining Hall. All food and beverages must be consumed in the dining hall, with the exception of one piece of fruit, or one ice cream cup or cone.

Failure to comply with any of the above policies may result in disciplinary action.

Meal Plan Accommodations/Exemptions

Policy – Rockford University requires students living in the residence halls to maintain a food services contract. Fresh Ideas provides various meal plans for students during the Fall and Spring academic terms. With appropriate documentation, students with medical conditions may be released temporarily or permanently from the food services contract. Students may also be released pending hardships or special circumstances that cannot be addressed by Campus Dining Services.

Procedures to Request Meal Plan Accommodations and Exemptions for Medical Reasons, hardships or special circumstances– Students who request accommodations or exemptions for medical reasons may do so at any time during a semester. If the request is granted, a new contract will be issued effective on the Thursday following the day the request is granted. To make a request for an accommodation or exemption, please:

  1. Obtain the Rockford University Meal Plan Contract Change/Exemption Request form from Lang Wellness Center. 
  2. Consult with a licensed health care professional and obtain documentation that indicates the condition and reasons for the accommodation or exemption. The professional should also provide any recommended dietary adjustments to address your condition. (Medical Reasons) 
  3. Provide the completed form and medical documentation to a staff member in Lang Wellness Center. We advise you to make an appointment with the staff member to review your request. 
  4. Upon review, the staff member in Lang Wellness will inform you whether your request was:
  • Approved
  • Approved provisionally (e.g., granted for one semester or other limited period)
  • Denied
  • Remanded until further information is provided and/or consultation with dining services and Student Life.
    Appeal Process
    – If you want to appeal a decision concerning your request for meal plan accommodations, you may do so by addressing the appeal to the Meal Plan Review Committee, which consists of at least three representatives from the following departments: Student Life, Lang Center, Campus Dining Services, and SAS. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Office of Student Life.