Core Values: Respect

Core Value:  Respect

Rockford University students show positive regard for each other and for the community. Behavior that violates this value includes, but is not limited to:

29) Harm to Persons

Intentionally or recklessly causing physical harm or endangering the health or safety of any person.

30) Threatening Behaviors

  1. Threat. Written or verbal conduct that causes a reasonable expectation of injury to the health or safety of any person or damage to any property.
  2. Intimidation. Intimidation defined as implied threats or acts that cause a reasonable fear of harm in another.

31) Bullying and Cyberbullying

Bullying and cyberbullying are repeated and/or severe aggressive behaviors that intimidate or intentionally harm or control another person physically or emotionally, and are not protected by freedom of expression.

32) Hazing

Defined as an act that endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student, or that destroys or removes public or private property, for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a group or organization. Participation or cooperation by the person(s) being hazed does not excuse the violation. Failing to intervene to prevent and/or failing to discourage and/or failing to report those acts may also violate this policy. (See Community Standards);

33) Intimate Partner/Relationship Violence

Violence or abuse by a person in an intimate relationship with another;

34) Stalking

Stalking is a course of conduct directed at a specific person that is unwelcome and would cause a reasonable person to feel fear;

35) Sexual Misconduct

Includes, but is not limited to, sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual contact, non-consensual sexual intercourse, and/or sexual exploitation (See the Title IX: Sex/Gender-Based Discrimination & Sexual Misconduct Policy for further information);

36) Public Exposure

Includes deliberately and publicly exposing one’s intimate body parts, public urination, defecation, and public sex acts.