Core Values: Integrity

Core Value:  Integrity

Rockford University students exemplify honesty, honor and a respect for the truth in all of their dealings. Behavior that violates this value includes, but is not limited to:

1) Falsification

Knowingly furnishing or possessing false, falsified or forged materials, documents, accounts, records, identification or financial instruments;

2) Academic Dishonesty

Acts of academic dishonesty as outlined in the Academic Integrity Policy;

3) Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized access to any University building (i.e. keys, cards, etc.) or unauthorized possession, duplication or use of means of access to any University building or failing to timely report a lost University identification card or key;

4) Collusion

Action or inaction with another or others to violate the Code of Student Conduct;

5) Trust

Violations of positions of trust within the community;

6) Election Tampering

Tampering with the election of any University-recognized student organization;

7) Taking of Property

Intentional and unauthorized taking of University property or the personal property of another, including goods, services and other valuables;

8) Stolen Property

Knowingly taking or maintaining possession of stolen property;