Core Values: Community 

Core Value:  Community

Rockford University students build and enhance their community. Behavior that violates this value includes, but is not limited to:

9) Disruptive Behavior

Substantial disruption of University operations including obstruction of teaching, research, administration, other University activities, and/or other authorized non-University activities which occur on campus;

10) Rioting

Causing, inciting or participating in any disturbance that presents a clear and present danger to self or others, causes physical harm to others, or damage and/or destruction of property;

11) Unauthorized Entry

Misuse of access privileges to University premises or unauthorized entry to or use of buildings, including trespassing, propping or unauthorized use of alarmed doors for entry into or exit from a University building;

12) Trademark

Unauthorized use (including misuse) of University or organizational names and images;

13) Damage and Destruction

Intentional, reckless and/or unauthorized damage to or destruction of University property or the personal property of another;

14) IT and Acceptable Use

Violating the University Acceptable Use and Computing Policy, found online at:

15) Gambling

Gambling as prohibited by the laws of the State of Illinois. (Gambling may include raffles, lotteries, sports pools and online betting activities. For more information, See Student Handbook, “Community Standards”); 

16) Weapons

Possession, use, or distribution of explosives (including fireworks and ammunition), guns (including air, BB, paintball, facsimile weapons and pellet guns), or other weapons or dangerous objects such as arrows, axes, machetes, nun chucks, throwing stars, or knives with a blade of longer than three inches, including the storage of any item that falls within the category of a weapon in a vehicle parked on University property;

17) Tobacco

Smoking or tobacco use in any area of campus where smoking or tobacco use are prohibited;

18) Fire Safety

Violation of local, state, federal or campus fire policies including, but not limited to:

  1. Intentionally or recklessly causing a fire which damages University or personal property or which causes injury.
  2. Failure to evacuate a University-controlled building during a fire alarm;
  3. Improper use of University fire safety equipment; or
  4. Tampering with or improperly engaging a fire alarm or fire detection/control equipment while on University property. Such action may result in a local fine in addition to University sanctions;

18a) Fire Pit Policy

Rockford University has two fire pits. One fire pit is located outside of Scarborough Hall. The other fire pit is a mobile fire pit that is owned by the office of student involvement and orientation. Fire safety and the safety of our students is of the utmost importance. In order to serve the community the following will serve as the fire pit use policy.

  1. Students must reserve the fire pit through the University’s scheduling office. Students will need to talk to the Director of student involvement and orientation to receive event approval and to make this scheduling request.
  2. Staff/Faculty wishing to reserve the fire pit must use the Mazevo scheduling software to reserve the space.
  3. Once approval for the space is granted, fire pit users will need to contact the Rockford Fire Department to apply for a fire permit. There is a cost associated with attaining a permit.
  4. Once you have received a permit and approval for the space you can have your event.
  5. Student groups using the fire pit must have a faculty/staff member in attendance to monitor the event.

19) Ineligible Pledging or Association

Pledging or associating with a student organization without having met eligibility requirements established by the University.

20) Animals

Animals, with the exception of animals that provide assistance (e.g. seeing-eye dogs, emotional support animals), and pets as outlined in the Student Handbook, are not permitted on campus except as permitted by law.

21) Wheeled Devices

Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, bicycles and similar wheeled devices are not to be used/ridden inside University buildings, residence halls or on tennis courts. Additionally, skateboards and other wheeled items may not be ridden on railings, curbs, benches, or any such fixtures that may be damaged by these activities, and individuals may be liable for damage to University property caused by these activities.

22) Hover Boards

Hover boards, including electronic skateboards, self-balancing boards, and other similar equipment, are not be used, stored or possessed inside any University building due to fire safety concerns.

23) Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Failure to comply with University guidelines/instructions related to the use of drones/unmanned aerial vehicles.