Graduate Studies (MAT and MBA) Fee Schedule

Graduate application fee $50
Transcript evaluation (MAT) $75
MBA Tuition 2019-2020 $720 per credit hour
MAT Tuition 2019-2020 $650 per credit hour
M.Ed Tuition 2019-2020 $650 per credit hour
Tuition 2018-2019 $720 per credit hour
Non-refundable registration fee per semester $50
Graduation fee $115
Transfer credit fee $20 per course
Transcript (official) $5
GRE Test (MAT) $185
GMAT Test (MBA) $250
MBA Prerequisite Test $50

Financial Aid

There is a limited amount of financial aid that Rockford University offers to its admitted graduate students.

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The Part-Time Student Voucher Grant provides a $150 per credit hour discount, up to $900 per semester, to part-time degree-seeking or certification-seeking students in good academic standing, subject to these restrictions:

  • >> Application forms are required each semester and due within 10 days after the semester begins.
  • >> Students who receive tuition reimbursement from outside sources are not eligible.
  • >> Students may not use this grant in conjunction with other scholarships or aid plans (grants and loans).
  • >> Students must be enrolled in 6 hours or less to qualify and in good academic standing.

Application forms are available at Student Administrative Services (SAS) or the Graduate Studies Office.

Additional fees not listed here may also apply and are subject to change without notice.


Employee Reimbursement /Tuition Deferment Program

Rockford University will defer your tuition payment until after you have completed the semester to allow time for your employer to reimburse you. The program is limited to reimbursable tuition costs only; registration fees and textbook costs are not eligible for deferment, even though you may receive reimbursement for these costs. Please ask for a Tuition Deferment Form at the Office of Graduate Studies.

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MAT—GRE Fee Reimbursement

You may be eligible for GRE fee reimbursement. In order to receive this aid, you must fill out the FAFSA form. Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) must be equal or less than $1900.

MBA—Additional Information

The Rockford University MBA program offers a $250 per credit hour scholarship to employees of public and not-for-profit organizations desiring to take courses leading to an MBA. The discount is available only to those currently receiving less than 50 percent of the cost of tuition and applies to a maximum of two courses per semester.

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