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Anthropology and Sociology

‌At Rockford University, students of anthropology and sociology learn to recognize and understand the various forms of social organization and social change processes in American society and in other societies around the world. They study various theories of societal organization and change while developing the ability to apply different theoretical approaches to the study of contemporary societies and problems. Students develop a working understanding of the methods of social scientific research, in both qualitative and quantitative forms and learn how anthropology and sociology have an important role in policy formulation.‌

‌Our goal is to provide a curricular experience that equips our graduates with the knowledge and skills to succeed in graduate and professional schools, and in positions in the private and public sectors. In addition, we seek to provide our students with the necessary knowledge, skills and commitments to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners. We are committed to helping students understand and accept diversity, to be aware of social problems in our own and other cultures, and to understand the effects of social change on society.


Anthropology and Sociology

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