Reunion @ Homecoming

Thank you, alumni!

Thank you to everyone who returned to campus to enjoy the Reunion@Homecoming festivites on October 9 & 10, 2015. We saw over 300 alumni, friends & family enjoy the beautiful weather and campus. It was great to see classes from the 1960's & 1970's interact with one another and current students. 

To review photo's from the festivites, please visit our photographer's website: Reunion Photos
The password to view the photos is: RockfordUniversity2015. (Please note the password is case-sensitive.) 
Photos are split into Friday and Saturday for easier viewing. 

To review events & who attended this year's reunion, please see the information below. 

Schedule of Events

Reunion 2015 Brochure

Regents 5K 2015 Overall Race Results

Regents 5K 2015 Race Results by Gender

Look who came from your class. 

1965-50th Reunion Class Craig RH Laurent, Lucy Clark, Gloria Pritikin, Jennye Hansen, Janie Hopson Anderson, Dr. John Herdklotz, Lyle Allen Wales, Pamela Sherwood Whatley, Mary Davis, Linda Tweed Wall, Ralph Turnbull, Frederic Young, Barbara Eldridge Clucas, Diana Fagerburg Ogren, Patricia Zell Ranft '65, Patricia Brauer Whittenberger '65
1990-25th Reunion Class  
1940-1949 Helen Mathre Anglemire '45, Marjorie Olson Dome '45 
1950-1959 Mary McClellan Tanton '50, Sally Voss Trefz '50, Clair C. Trefz '50, Shirley Voss Henley-Philon '50, Ruth A Cekal '56, Dorothy Voss Baits '51
1960-1969 Susan Schwandt Becker '60, Sondra Olson Callahan '60, Dr. Vassilis Keramidas '60, Mary Varble Wahlmark '60, Michael Davis '66, Lee Krizka '60, Arlene Murin Krizka '60, Lowell Carlson '60, Alyce Anderson Carlson '60, Norman Erickson '60, Judith Penniman '61/'66, Diane Cornelius Juffernbruch '71, Leslie Altmark '60, Dr. Cliff Brickman '67
1970-1979 Bob Kantner '79, Vince Toscano '70, Dr. Stuart Gindoff '70, Wally Turnbull '70, Betty Brune Turnbull '70, Irma Lopez '75, James Fleming '70, Tony Zarembski '71, Dr. Raymond Byrd '70, Jerry Mayer '75, Cathy Hanson Mayer '75, Bill Juffernbruch '75, Elaine Swayze Ferguson '70, Joel B. Ferguson '74, Jim "Bear" Brady '76, Dr. Marjorie Slavens, Albert Blum '70, Elizabeth "Betsy" Nash-Homewood '70/'76, Steve Homewood '70, Marilyn Bothe McCaffrey '75, Craig Eley '70, Philip Ashley '70, Glen Moss '70, Judity Smyth Letourneau '75, Irene Rooney Bacevicius '75, 
1980-1989 Michelle Collins '86, Blaire Fanning '82, Wendy Young '82, Bettyann Pappenfus '81, Linda Christianson '81

Marie Schneeman '92, Paul Callighan '91, Julie Lynn O'Rourke '91, Kristen Ketchum Tews '97, Jennifer Nordstrom '92/'01, Staci Peterson Ambrose '93, Robert McKay '99, Aaron Potter '98/'09

2000-2009 Elitiza Alexandrova '02, Andrew Hollander '04/'06, Jill Hollander '07, Courtney Geiger '02, Scott Stoll '01, Joel Moore '00, Brooke Larson Moore '01
2010-2015 Christina Bartholomew '15, Mark Westphal '12, Tiffany Kiesling '15, Anita Collingwood '11

SAVE THE DATE!! October 7 & 8, 2016

The dates for next year's Reunion@Homecoming have been set for Friday, October 7, and Saturday, October 8, 2016.
This reunion will celebrate the class years ending in 1's and 6's with the class of 1966 celebrating their 50th class reunion, while the class of 1991 celebrates their 25th. It's never to early to start to plan a trip back to Rockford University. For any questions, please contact the alumni office. 


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