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Online Reference Sources
Note: Titles in BOLD will require a login when accessed from off-campus.
Dictionaries Encyclopedias, Almanacs 
American Heritage Dictionary Encyclopedia of Canada
Oxford English Dictionary Encyclopedia of Chicago
Roget's II - New Thesaurus Funk & Wagnalls Encylopedia
Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations World Almanac
World Factbook
Basic information about each country in the world compiled annually by the CIA.
Style & Writing Guides
Norton Field Guide to Writing Geographical Sources
  National Atlas of the U.S
Allows overlays of various types of information, such as demographics, climate, natural resources, etc.

U.S. Gazetteer
Census maps -searchable


World Atlas

Business Search
(Yellow Pages)

People Search
(White Pages)

College/University Web sites

ZIP Codes

Search place names, gets maps and extensive information about each place.

Google Maps

Web site directories Government Info, Law

...a virtual library of Internet resources relevant to faculty, students, and research staff at the university level.

Intute (Resource Discovery Network)
Subject specialists select and evaluate the websites in this database and write high quality descriptions of the resources.

Internet Public Library
A guide to the best Web sites on a wide range of topics.

Search for legal information, court cases, state and Federal law.
Portal to Federal Gov't information on the the Web.
U.S. Gov’t Manual
The structure of Federal Government offices, including contact names, numbers, email addresses.

Local Information

Statistics - conversions
Rockford Weather Statistical Abstract of the U.S.
Business/Demographic Info
Web site of the Rockford Economic Development Council.
Illinois Vital Statistics
Census QuickFacts

City of Rockford

National Center for Health Statistics
Rockford Register Star
Rockford's daily newspaper
Gallop Opinion Poll


Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
Annual report on crime from the FBI.
Conversions of all sorts
(For example, feet to meters, C to F, etc.)
Community Search
Calendar of Events

Student Music Recital

EDP: Seminar #6 - Conflict Management and Resolution

NICNE Customer Service Workshop

FORUM: Sports Management Symposium

Latest News