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2014-15 Forum Series FAQ's


Q: What is the Forum Series?

A: The Rockford University Forum Series presents speakers from a variety of disciplines and performers of stature in the arts. The series is designed to provide a shared experience for students while broadening their education at the University. The Forum Committee, comprised of faculty and student representatives, selects the events.

Q: Are all students required to attend all the Forum Series events?
All full-time undergraduate students are required to attend a minimum of two Forum Series events each semester. (Exceptions: student teachers and participants in off-campus programs such as Washington Semester or study abroad programs) In most cases, students who reduce their course load below 12 credits at any point in the semester must still meet the Forum Series requirement. Consult with SAS for further information on exceptions to this rule.

Q: Is a ticket required for forum events?
Yes. A ticket is required for all Forum events. Student tickets are free with a Rockford University ID card; one free ticket per student. Tickets must be obtained at the university Box Office, located in Clark Arts Center.

Q: How is forum series attendance taken?
n order to receive credit for attendance, students must fill out a Forum card at each event. Forum cards can only be obtained from the faculty member(s) at the door of the event (not other faculty, staff or student workers, etc.). The faculty member(s) will be wearing a badge to identify him/herself. Only one card will be given to each student. Students need to bring a pen to fill out the card.

No Forum cards will be distributed after the event has begun. If a student arrives late, they will not receive a Forum card. Forum cards can only be returned to the faculty member(s) at the door of the event (not other faculty, staff or student workers). Only one card will be collected from each student. No cards will be accepted until the end of the performance—including any question and answer period—or the end of an academic procession. (All students are expected to remain seated until the entire event has concluded.) Students should print their information on the cards. If cards cannot be easily read, attendance cannot be recorded accurately.

Use of cell phones and electronic devices or other inappropriate behavior during any Forum event could result in the loss of Forum credit at the discretion of the Committee.

Q: What happens if the requirement to attend two events a semester is not met?
Students who fail to fulfill the Forum requirement by the end of any semester will receive an "F” for that semester.

If students fail Forum requirements for any semester, the only way to make up the requirement is to submit an essay to the Forum Committee based on event recordings (available in the library) from the semester failed (and only from an event you did not attend).

***If students have any existing failed Forum grades, essays are due no later than 5:00 p.m., Monday, November 3, 2014.

Late submissions must be turned in to the Office of Academic Affairs located in the lobby of Howard Colman Library. They can be submitted at any time, but will not necessarily be reviewed at the time of submission

BE FOREWARNED: if students intend to graduate in December 2014, essays to make up past failed Forum grades must be submitted by the deadline listed above. Students cannot expect any essays will be reviewed in advance of the next submission cycle beginning in April 2015.

Essay Submission Guidelines:
Printed copies of the forum essays must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs in Colman Library. No e-mail submissions will be accepted.

The Forum Committee will only accept and pass essays that meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. A minimum of two full pages, double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1” margins, word processed. Headers are not part of the page count.
  2. It must be based on viewing or listening to a recording of a Forum event that you did not attend from the semester in which the "F” was received. The recordings are available in the Howard Colman Library and are for in-library use only.
  3. The heading of the essay must include the following: student’s full name, the semester being made up and the name of the event/speaker listened to or watched.
  4. The essay must clearly show the student has listened to or viewed the entire recording. In the essays, the committee is looking for:
    • not a simple summary
    • critical thought
    • explanation, reflection, and comment upon content/meaning/message of the Forum event.
  5. The essay must display correct grammar including sentence structure, subject/verb agreement, clear pronouns, correct punctuation, etc. It should be clearly and concisely worded and well-organized. Be sure to proofread your essay for correct spelling/word choice (remember, spell check cannot catch the difference between "there” and "their,” for example); no use of contractions, slang or conversational tone; avoid passive voice; etc. The essay-writing option is intended for use to remove only past semester failed Forum grades, not for the current semester.

The Forum Committee reserves the right to deem an essay acceptable or unacceptable. If the essay is not accepted, it must be rewritten and resubmitted (by a deadline set by the Committee) in order to remove the Forum failure. Save a copy of the essay until any grade changes are finalized.

If you have any questions about the Forum policies, please contact the current Forum Administrator, Prof. Nola Addante at

***Notice: Failure to complete the Forum Series requirement bars a student from the dean’s list or distinguished scholars list and from receiving a degree.

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