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An important component of the RUFBC is the opportunity for owners of family businesses to "network" with each other. Sharing ideas, solving problems, and creating opportunities with one another is of great value to family businesses.  Business roundtable discussions, focused on the unique aspects of the family owned business is an important aspect of the program.  Frequent events such as the "Coffee, donuts and dialogue" sessions provide you with a platform to learn about and grow your business.

Coffee, Donuts, and Dialog is a regular program held at Rockford University where we provide the coffee and donuts and you bring your questions for the open dialog. These events are held bi-weekly on the Rockford University campus and frequently attended by local businesses, university staff and faculty.  It is an open forum so all questions are fair game. 

Some key issues that are regularly discussed are:

  • Business Expansion
  • Succession Planning
  • Training and Development
  • Conflict Resolution / Group Dynamics
  • Management Issues
  • Global Business
  • Entrepreneurship - Innovation

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