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In a time-starved world of continuous change, it’s challenging to be able to renew, refresh and improve your executive leadership skills. For over 30 years, our MBA program has developed outstanding leaders in all types of industry. Our Executive Development Program now builds upon the exceptional legacy of our MBA program by offering a series of seminars that are carefully designed to nurture your leadership talent for the future.

This 20-seminar, fast-paced, executive-level program offers a dynamic classroom environment that exposes you to similar executives in other industries and facilitates beneficial exchanges, providing you the opportunity to hear how other leaders address and solve problems. Concurrently, you are being exposed to meaningful MBA-level course content taught by experienced professors.

Through group discussion, exercises and case studies, this program leads you through a challenging and exciting learning process that allows each person to hone and refine his/her leadership and communication skills, both of which are critical elements to effective organizational management. The program confers a Certificate of Organizational Leadership upon completion of 16 of 20 seminars. Participants may also receive CEUs for their seminar time.

Program Content
Our content is comprised of 20 seminars that each last three hours and are geared toward improving specific skills that increase leadership effectiveness.

Topics include:
Communication for Leaders; Time Management and Decision Making; Team Building and Team Dynamics; Motivating, Engaging and Retaining Employees; Conflict Management and Resolution; Coaching Individuals and Teams; Giving Assessment and Feedback; Change Management; Leadership, Strategy and Strategic Planning; Marketing and Managing Messages; Total Customer Service; Cultural Adaptation; Gender Relations and Organizations; Ethics; Financial Management; Project Management; Human Resource Management; Negotiating; Forecasting.

Program Design
Seminars can be taken in their entirety or as subsets depending on what is appropriate for you. If you are interested in completing your Certificate in Organizational Leadership, you must take 16 out of the 20 seminars. However, for flexibility you may take as many or as few of the seminars as you choose. Seminars are held for 20 consecutive weeks, allowing for changes in schedule over holidays and semester breaks. All seminars take place in our state-of-the-art, newly renovated and modernized training facility at 5100 E. State Street on the Rockford University campus. Additionally, each seminar includes printed materials and reading lists, giving you useful tools and resources inside and outside of our sessions.

All of our instructors are master’s degree-level professors who have real-world experience in organizational leadership in addition to many years of teaching experience. You will receive the benefit of theoretical instruction as it is relevant in the day-to-day working world.

Program Pricing
Our program is $175 per 3-hour seminar. Call 815.226.4040 for more details.

More information
To register, View the session schedule and choose the session you would like to register for or call 815.226.4040. We can also share information with you about our custom seminar sequence, which is offered individually in a format tailored to your company’s specific leadership requirements and culture.


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