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Frequently Asked Questions


What is ConnectRU?
ConnectRU is the online, Rockford University Alumni social and professional network. We hope you enjoy its benefits. Membership in ConnectRU is exclusive and free to all alumni. Once you register, you will be able to:

  • search for friends and classmates
  • post messages to other members
  • post photos
  • link to your other social and professional networks
  • help plan for Reunions
  • keep up with news from your class and other affinity groups
  • view and register for upcoming events
  • receive our latest Alumni updates

How do I register?

To take advantage of all the community has to offer, please click on Register – ConnectRU from the Alumni drop-down on the University homepage. You will be taken to the ConnectRU registration page. Once there, follow the directions.

What if my verification information doesn't match?

If you are informed that the verification information does not match, you can either try to enter the information again in the boxes provided or click the red "click here to register” link. You will be taken to a page that allows you to manually register as a new user by creating a username for your account, entering your first name, last name and selecting your class year from a drop-down list. This will take you to a manual registration page. Follow the directions and submit your form. You may have to wait for administrative approval.

Why do I need to choose/indicate my class year?

Your Rockford University graduation class year has been attached to the record waiting for your retrieval (if you have more than one graduation year, your initial year is used). You need to enter that year in order to automatically retrieve the record waiting for you. This is currently your default primary group. Once you have registered in your primary group you are free to join or leave other groups according to class year or affinity (i.e. MAT, MBA, WRCR, Music Academy).

Is the directory secure? Who has access?

Most of the information and services in the ConnectRU portion of the online community are password-protected and available only to registered users. Each alumna or alumnus has the option of suppressing any information that he or she does not want to appear to other registered members. While on the "Edit my Profile” page, members may turn off particular information fields at any time by removing check marks. This prevents other users from seeing all the information entered.

Will people be able to view my information in the alumni directory?

Non-registered members will be able to view a general directory that contains only the names of those Alumni who are registered members of ConnectRU. Only registered members will be able to view your public profile. You can control which pieces of information, or fields are viewable and which are hidden. You can choose to hide information by clicking on my profile and removing the check next to the item you wish not to public access.

Can members still contact me if I don't make my email address public?

Yes. Other members can still message you. They need to click on "My Messages” in the My Profile column. That will take you to the Message Center. You then click on, "Message a Member.” That will take you to the search interface. Enter as much of the following data as you know - the person's name, group, location, and country. Submit search using Search button at bottom of form. Once the person has been found, click on the "Message Member” icon just to the right of the person's name. Complete the form and click on, "Send Now.” A message will be emailed to the member (if they have elected to receive e-mail reminders) and will be added to the member's "My Messages” portion of the personal page for retrieval.

How do I update my address?

Once you are a registered member and login through the member login page, click on edit my profile. Change the information you want changed and click submit at the bottom of the page.

What if I don't want my information listed?

Any information that you wish to not have visible can be edited by clicking edit my profile and un-checking the box to the left of the corresponding information field. Note: Any fields that do not have check marks next to them will not be visible to other members.

What if I don't want to receive emails about information updated about other members?

Once you are a member, login and click on, "My Preferences.” On this page, un-check or check the preferences you wish to have regarding email notifications.

How much do these services cost?

There is no charge to alumni for use of the online social network, including all the services which are included once a member.

How do I search for other registered or non-registered members?

If you are a member, on your group homepage, click on ‘Directory.' This will show registered members of that group. If the person you are looking for is not listed, click on start new search. In the basic search, you can enter as much of the following data as you know - the person's name, group, location,and country. (Note: you may enter the person's name only if that is all that you know.) If the person's name still doesn't appear, invite them to join as a member by clicking, "Tell a Friend” and enter your friend's e-mail address.

How do I join another group?

If you want to be part of another group do the following. From your primary group page. Click on the, "View all Group Pages” link. Find the listing of the group you would like to join. Click on that group's listing. Once on the group page, click on the "Join Group” link in the purple band near the top of the page.

What if I graduated from more than one year?

Your first graduation year is your primary group. If you want to be a member of your other graduation year's group follow these directions - from your primary group page. Click on the, "View all Group Pages” link. Find the listing of the group you would like to join. Click on that group's listing. Once on the group page, click on the "Join Group” link in the purple band near the top of the page, then go to the other group page and click on the icon that says join group.

Who can see the photos I post?

Anyone who is a part of the group will see the photos you post.

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