Economics Rock Star
  • Graduation: 2014
  • Major: Economics
  • Hometown: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Campus Involvement: cross country, multi-cultural club, Muslim student association, Student Government treasurer, French Club, Regent Guide

As an incoming freshman, Amour was certain his future was on Wall Street; crunching numbers and living by the opening bell.  Now, though, Amour believes he will take a different path. "I’m becoming more aware that I like helping people,” he says. "Business consulting is now an interest (grown from an internship with local Alumnus, Thomas Muldowney `74); it’s a way of helping people while utilizing the skills I’ve acquired here at RU.”

A native of Tanzania, Africa, Amour attended a small engineering school in his home country before deciding he "wanted to do something bigger.” He found Rockford University. "My previous school didn’t have an emphasis on students,” he says. "Here, professors don’t teach you what to think, they teach you how to think.”  

Not only do faculty members challenge their students, Amour also credits RU’s nurturing community as one of its strongest attributes. "It is a great environment to work in, and the support you receive is immeasurable. You cannot quantify it.” When I see Amour Muro, a junior Economics major, stride across campus, it’s not difficult to draw a comparison to those like you who came before him: astute, ambitious, and passionate. That’s why he is one of this year’s "Rockford University Rock Stars.”

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