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Greetings from the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

All offices are located on the 1st floor in Blanche Walker Burpee Center. If we can help you in any way, please feel free to contact us at 800-892-2984, 815-226-4050 or Our fax number is 815-226-2822.

We look forward to meeting you!

Jennifer Nordstrom
Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Admission

I grew up in Machesney Park, Ill. At Rockford University, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Finance as well as my MBA in Management.

My advice for you is to look at the entirety of what a university has to offer. Do not limit yourself by making assumptions about academic programs, student life or affordability without fully investigating these areas with an Admission representative. Definitely visit the university of your choice before making the final decision to enroll.

Little known fact: I was involved in a sting operation set up by the federal government. I aided the investigation that led to the arrest of a group of check counterfeiters.

Contact Me:

Rebecca Miziniak
Assistant Director of Admission

I grew up in Rockford, Ill. I graduated from Elmhurst College with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Communications, emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising. I am currently pursuing my Master's degree.

Advice I can give you: Going to a university is a big decision, but don't get overwhelmed, enjoy it. Your university years will be the best of your life.

Little known fact: I lived in Ireland for a year when I was a little girl.

Contact Me:

Faith DeVriesFaith DeVries
Admissions Receptionist

 I grew up in Stillman Valley, Illinois.  I graduated from Hope College with my Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies with a minor in Music. I plan on pursuing my MAT with Rockford University then continuing on to earn my PhD in Women’s Studies with an emphasis on Education.  

The best advice I could give would be to stretch your limits and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.  Join a club, study abroad, sit with someone new at lunch, take a trip to New York, do anything to broaden your horizons and expand your view of the world.  

Little known fact: I have been playing the flute for 15 years and counting!

Contact Me:

Jeffery HohnJeffrey Hohn

Admission Counselor
Transfer Students

I grew up in Rockford Illinois and graduated from Boylan Catholic High School. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences with a concentration in History at Illinois State University.

Advice I can give you: Get involved. Always remember: no deposit, no return.

Little known fact: I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer-having served two years in the Federated States of Micronesia-Chuuk State.

Contact Me:

Wayne McCarron
Wayne McCarron
Admission Counselor

I was born and raised in Birmingham, England. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business at Mid-Continent University, and I completed my MBA at Rockford University.

Advice: Make the most of your time in college by enhancing your own educational experience, working hard, and having a good time while making new friends.
Little Known Fact: I received a soccer scholarship in college.

Contact Me:

David Schneider
Admission Counselor
Transfer Students

My hometown is Rockford, Ill. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Management at Rockford University, and I completed my MBA at Rockford University.

Advice I can give you: Don't be afraid to try new things. When opportunities are presented, make sure you take full advantage of them so you never have to ask "what if?"

Little known fact: I played the cello for six years.

Contact Me:

Rachel Tsiganos
Admission Counselor

I grew up in Carbondale, IL, where I also attended college (SIUC) and graduated with a B.S. in Speech Communication (Public Relations) and a minor in Music (Vocal Performance). Currently, I am pursuing my MBA with Rockford University with hopes to continue after that with a PhD. 

Advice: Be patient before making any decision; hastiness can lead down a path you didn’t intend. Really think about your choices, investigate their possible outcomes, share your thoughts with people you trust, listen to your conscience and step out towards your goal with the confidence that you’ve done your part in ensuring you’ve made the best decision. If, however, you later realize you haven’t, remember it’s never too late to set things right. 

Little Known Fact: I have two first names and two middle names!

Contact Me:

Moriah Hoyt

Moriah Hoyt
Admissions Receptionist

My Hometown is the Chicago suburbs. I attended Judson University where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Studio.

My advice to you is to major in something that makes sense for who you are. Don’t settle in your heart for something close enough. So many pursue degrees because it is simply "the next thing to do.” Do not enter this chapter of your life with mediocre intentions! Pursue your passions and use this time to serve the greater goals of your life. Also, never forget the dreams of your childhood. Being an adult is really about becoming what you admired when you were young and figuring out how to make it happen. Never give up.

Little known fact: In addition to being a professional artist, I also play bass and sing in an indie rock band!

Contact Me:

Ella Stenberg
Admission Data Specialist

My hometown is Rockford, Ill. and I earned an Associate of Applied Science in Banking and Finance at Rock Valley College. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Management Studies degree from the BSMS program here at Rockford University!

The advice I would like to give is that a university is what you make it - be happy with it. Enjoy your education and the new friends you will make.

Little known fact: Tom Selleck is my favorite actor!

Contact Me:



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