Financial support from Rockford University alumni and other friends provides for the robust education offered today and the strong future of the institution tomorrow. While no amount of recognition can truly express the gratitude of the university’s students, faculty, administration, and staff, Rockford University offers a variety of giving levels and societies to recognize donor generosity. Contributions are recognized each year (July 1 – June 30) in the Honor Roll of Donors found in the President’s Annual Report.

Jane Addams Society ($1,000 +)

Donors who annually contribute $1,000 or more become part of the Jane Addams Society, named for our most notable alumna and Nobel Laureate. Jane Addams was one of America’s most distinguished first generation of college-educated women. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from Rockford Female Seminary, she committed her life to Hull House in Chicago which became a setting for philanthropy, political action, and social change.

Donors reflect Addams’ values by leading the way in philanthropy to Rockford University. Membership in the Jane Addams’ Society grants donors special quarterly updates from the University’s President, invitations to special events, and recognition in the Honor Roll of Donors.



Mary Ashby Cheek Society

Alumni and friends of Rockford University who provide for the future of the university through long-range planned gifts are recognized as members of the Mary Ashby Cheek Society. Mary Ashby Cheek was the tenth President of then Rockford College and embraced change that laid the groundwork for today’s university. President Cheek was responsible for securing the Phi Beta Kappa Chapter for the college and she welcomed the first classes for male students.

When donors include Rockford University in their will and estate plans, they channel the determined, futuristic spirit of Mary Ashby Cheek, benefitting the university far beyond their lifetime.

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