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Early Scholars Program at Rockford University


Students who have completed their sophomore year in high school may be eligible to register for college-level courses at Rockford University. Please note that this program intends to supplement a student’s high school curriculum, not replace it. Furthermore, acceptance into the Early Scholars Program is not full admission to the undergraduate program at Rockford University, and all standard admission criteria must be followed for that type of admission.


Students can take courses at Rockford University as a rising junior (the summer after their sophomore year) and up to the second semester of senior year (before graduating high school). At the time of application, students should be minimally in the second semester of sophomore year or up to the first semester of senior year. GPA should be higher than 3.0.

Admission Requirements

  • Complete an Early Scholars Program application – it’s free to apply!
  • Submit official high school transcripts
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from one of their high school teacher
  • Application deadline: April 15 for Summer Courses, July 15 for Fall Courses, November 15 for Spring Courses

Students will be able to register for Rockford University classes upon approval of Early Scholars Program application. Students should apply early to ensure that a seat is available the course of choice.


The published part-time tuition rate will be discounted for the Early Scholars Program down to a rate of $99 per credit hour. A three-credit hour course will be a net cost of $297 and a four-credit hour course will be $396.

A high school student can take a cumulative maximum of 15 credit hours in the Early Scholars program.

Why Should You Consider The Early Scholars Program?

  • Get a head start on their college degree, potentially graduating college in less than four years. Taking 12 – 15 credits in the Early Scholars Program can potentially shave off one semester in students’ graduation timeline at Rockford University.
  • Interact with college faculty in person at the Rockford University campus while engaging with the course content.
  • Have the ability to take a wider variety of college courses beyond AP/dual-credit offerings at school.
  • Try college environment while still in high school without being deprived of the high school experience.
  • Guaranteed Rockford University course credit. Credits taken at Rockford University are transferable to other colleges. Actual course credit is, however, dependent on the transfer institution.
  • Take college courses at a severely discounted rate.
  • Take college courses when not in school (evenings or summers).

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