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In observation of Thanksgiving Rockford University campus and offices will be closed Thursday, November 23 & 24, 2017.

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The Virtual Writing Center is designed as a digital version of our face-to-face Writing Center (in the Howard Colman Library). While we recommend the rich communication of a face-to-face consultation, we realize that some writers find it inconvenient to travel to campus. To learn more about our philosophy and our current hours, visit our Portal page.

Please allow up to 48 hours for us to read and respond to your draft. When we are overwhelmed with face-to-face consultations (especially during midterm and exam times), we may not be able to respond to requests for online draft reviews in a timely fashion.

If you have any problems with this form, send an email with your paper and answers to all of the questions in the form to

Common problems:

  • You type the wrong email address and thus never get our response.
  • You forget to fill out some of the fields below, giving us few ideas about how we can most help.
  • You expect us to proofread your grammar and mechanics, when that’s not our purpose. See the philosophy statement on our Portal page.
  • You write to us at the last minute and expect an ultra-quick response.


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Please complete and submit the form for MAT or MBA course registration and click the submit button to send.  There is a non-refundable $50.00 registration fee each semester. (This does not apply to PLS registrations).
  • I agree to pay tuition, room and board (if applicable), and all other applicable fees when due as stated in the current Rockford University Catalog (Academic Catalog).  I acknowledge that I have read the most current Rockford University Academic Catalog and understand the University’s policies concerning the amount and due dates for the foregoing charges.  If any of the foregoing charges are not paid for a period of thirty (30) days after due, then, in addition to any other remedies the University may have, a finance charge of 1.5% per month will be added to the amount which is past due.  The annual percentage rate will be 18%.  Further, should the University place my account in the hands of an attorney for collection, I will pay all costs and attorneys’ fees incurred in attempting to collect the account.
  • If I drop from some or all of my courses and become eligible for a refund as a result, I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the Office of Student Administrative Services in writing to request a refund in accordance with the policy listed in the catalog.  I further understand that my failure to send written notice may result in a forfeiture of some or all of my




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