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CARE Committee

11/22/2016 12:59 pm

What is CARE?

The College Activities and Recognition for Employees (CARE) Committee was formed in 2007 to promote a positive campus environment by providing opportunities for employee recognition & support and for social events. The Committee is a cross-functional group of faculty, staff and graduate assistants who volunteer their time and talent to make a difference in the lives of our employees.

CARE’s main objectives:  1) Provide opportunities for employee recognition and support; 2) Provide opportunities for social events; and 3) Contribute to a positive work environment at Rockford University

Examples of Employee Recognition and Support:

– Employee of the Month/Year
– First Fridays @ Four (monthly)
– Holiday Party & Gift Basket Silent Auction
– Other social events for faculty & staff

CARE invites faculty, staff and graduate assistants to join the CARE Committee or to volunteer to help Committee members on a per-event basis. Please email if you have a passion for Rockford University and want to make a difference for our employees.

CARE Members:

Monique Lindstedt, Chair

Maria Diemer

Deb Dietz

Laura Godin

Kimberley Hartwig

Jason Hunter

Molly Hutchcroft

Elizabeth Johnson-Lovett

Helen Lawhorn

Vee Rodriguez

Stacy Simms

Min Taber