Clubs and Organizations

Through Student Activities, students can meet new people on campus, test and further develop their leadership skills, and have fun. These opportunities offer a plethora of experiences for all students. In fact, our campus community is large enough to provide a diverse list of activities and clubs, but it’s also small enough for students to get involved in as many organizations as they’d like. And if they don’t see a club or organization they desire, they can start one!

Every week we like to try something new. Whether it’s ceramics, painting, sculpture, or drawing, we try it all! Join us Thursday nights to get together and create something new.

SAGA is committed to creating an accepting community for all students at Rockford University. As well as enacting change to foster a safe campus for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community to express themselves and be heard!

Alpha Helix is RU’s science club! Our aim is to discuss careers in the STEM fields and to share our love of science through experiments and other science related activities. Meetings may consist of experiments, trivia, or interviews/discussions with grad school recruiters or local science companies.

FCA stands for Fellowship Christian Athletes, and our goal is to provide an environment for student-athletes to grow stronger in faith. We plan on having meetings every Tuesday on the school calendar where there will be food/refreshments in the beginning, icebreakers, a speaker, and a small group discussion at the end. We want to make it a warm, welcoming environment where students can have a community to lean upon with the same morals, values, and beliefs during difficult times. People going through the same struggles hold each other accountable and make long-term friendships.

This is not your standard book club. We want to welcome the passion of knowledge and diving between the lines of a book to extend to all students. Reading here is not only a hobby but a way of growing mentally and fostering a community. We are focused on having this be a group discussion and lead, we will have monthly genres and pool books to choose to ensure that everyone has a choice and impact on the novel chosen. Reading has been shown to reduce stress, increase skills such as problem-solving, communication, and concentration. We also hope to read books that are tied with other forms of media such as movies, shows, plays, etc. so that we can digest the words in different forms and see the work beyond the pages. Our club will reach out in any way to ensure that members are not burdened with any fees of the books or other media. Whether you like to read or not, we welcome you to take a dip into the lines and find pages that speak with you.

Leading Educators is about providing a safe and supportive place for education majors or anyone interested in education. We encourage people wanting to get into the teaching profession to get involved with us as we try to provide and create connections as well as opportunities for experience and relationship building.

Multicultural Club aims at providing opportunities for its members, RU students and community members to learn and experience aspects of various cultures of the USA and other cultures. MCC strives to foster awareness on campus and in the community on the multi ethnic composition of the populations of Rockford University.

We encourage all students, especially first-generation college students (FGCS) in giving them support and motivation in order to graduate college. We want to encourage them to be as active on campus as possible, while still maintaining their academic integrity.

The Nursing Student Organization (NSO) of Rockford University is an organization which unites nursing students on campus. It provides volunteer opportunities, the chance to socialize with other nursing students, and NCLEX prep resources. Each semester brings new opportunities to get involved on campus and use nursing skills to better our community. Meetings are held 4 times per semester on Wednesdays at 12pm. For more information email

This club aims to create a vibrant community for students of Arab heritage and descent, both nationally and internationally. We welcome anyone curious about exploring the rich tapestry of Arab cultures.

Our mission is to celebrate the unique identities within the Arab world, dispelling the misconception that it’s a monolithic entity. We will celebrate each Arab country’s distinct traditions, customs, and perspectives. We aim to educate and share these diverse narratives, fostering understanding and appreciation for the individual spirit within the broader Arab identity.

But our journey doesn’t end there. We also cherish the shared threads that bind us together. By celebrating our similarities, we strengthen our sense of belonging and forge lasting connections across borders and backgrounds.

Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a committee for student athletes to get involved in leadership activities, sporting events, and have input on sporting regulations in our conference. We also plan multiple events throughout the year to highlight our student athletes and give others not in our athletic programs the opportunity to get involved in tons of different activities.

Math Club is for any and all students that have an interest in math and want to interact with others with a shared interest. The Math Club focuses on hosting events for campus that will put math in a fun light for everyone.

Students at Rockford University have traditionally played an important role in the governance of the University. Through SGA, students maintain a voice in the campus by communicating for and to students. On behalf of all students, SGA administers clubs and student activities at the University through its own committees. Student representatives hold memberships on the Board of Trustees and its Student Affairs Committee, as well as being members of other official University committees. Student groups meet in formal and informal settings with the University president, administrators and faculty. For more information, contact

Playing Tennis and Pickleball. From beginners to experts. Providing new sport options that are not necessarily competitive.

Celebrate and Support Saudi Students