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Activities, Clubs, and Leadership

Through Student Activities, students can meet new people on campus, test and further develop their leadership skills, and have fun. These opportunities offer a plethora of experiences for all students. In fact, our campus community is large enough to provide a diverse list of activities and clubs, but it’s also small enough for students to get involved in as many organizations as they’d like. And if they don’t see a club or organization they desire, they can start one!

  •  Campus Activities Board (CAB). CAB is a student-run organization that aims to promote and provide entertainment that will create long-lasting memories.  CABBIES (members of CAB) are often the most energized and enthusiastic students on campus! You will know an event is coming when you see crazy colored shirts all over campus. Past events include: Operation Glow Dance Party, Casino Night, Monthly Trivia and Movie Nights,  Ski/Snowboarding Excursion, and overnight trips to Chicago and Mall of America.
  • Clubs and Organizations. Joining a club or organization is an excellent way to enjoy student life at Rockford University! At the beginning of each semester, Student Activities hosts a Clubs & Orgs Fair on campus as a way for students to get connected. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about what we have to offer to you as a Rockford University student.

Current clubs include: Alpha Helix, Art Society, CAB, Math Club, Multicultural Club, Saudi Club, Nursing Student Organization, Psych Society, Rockford University Chinese Club, Movie Club, United Nations, Student Government Association, Craft Club, Spanish Club, Rockford Education Club, Anime Club, American Chemical Society, Computer Science Club, Queer Transgender Identity Panel (QTIP), Student Athletic Advisory Committee, Regents Against Modern Slavery (R.A.M.S), 

  • Commuter Students. The key to success as a commuter student is taking full advantage of what is available and getting the most out of your university experience by being involved on campus. Commuter and part-time students are welcome to join any and all student activities, events, clubs, and more!
  •  Leadership Development. Rockford University takes pride in the strong leaders created on campus. Students have the opportunity to get involved in many leadership roles! Not only do students have the opportunity to be involved in clubs as general members, most clubs then have a variety of ways to provide accelerated leadership roles. Also, all clubs have the opportunity to serve on a University wide leadership board called, “Executive Circle” which is the collaboration of all clubs on campus!
  •  Student Government Association (SGA) Students at Rockford University have traditionally played an important role in the governance of the University. Through SGA, students maintain a voice in the campus by communicating for and to students. On behalf of all students, SGA administers clubs and student activities at the University through its own committees. Student representatives hold memberships on the Board of Trustees and its Student Affairs Committee, as well as being members of other official University committees. Student groups meet in formal and informal settings with the University president, administrators and faculty. For more information, contact SGA@rockford.edu.

Department Information

Office of Student Involvement and Orientation

Burpee Student Center
5050 E. State Street
Rockford, IL 61108

Alex Johnson, Director of the Student Involvement and Orientation 
fax: 815-394-3730

Andrea Bent, Assistant Director of the Student Involvement and Orientation
fax: 815-394-3730

Rockford University Jazz Band (RUJB) gives students an opportunity to practice and perform music with performances on campus and in the local community. Any student or faculty member with instrumental or vocal experience is welcome to join. RUJB will meet twice a week with additional practices leading up to performances. 

R.A.M.S (Regents Against Modern day Slavery) actively engages in bringing awareness of human trafficking, and slavery through campaigns and events. In the coming years, human trafficking is set to surpass the drug trade as a global enterprise, and it is our goal to spread awareness on this issue and work to seek solutions for this growing epidemic. Along with spreading awareness, we also strive to foster activist that will make a more direct impact in fight against human trafficking in the Rockford Community.

Movie Club is a place for everyone. We are a great club to join if you are not sure what type of things you are interested in, but you want to be a part of the community. Everyone likes movies. Club events are easy to participate in, and they are also fun and interesting. Last semester we traveled through the decades with our movies and watched a different movie from each decade starting at the 60’s.

The Chinese Club’s main goal is to create a comfortable space for all students but mainly Chinese students; those students can create new bonds and friendship while learning about our Chinese culture. Our members love to help new students and some members already work at the Global Affairs Office to do so. All students and staff members would have access to the events organized by our club so they can learn new things about our culture. All students are eligible to join the club, and have the right to vote.

Multicultural Club aims at providing opportunities for its members, RU students and community members to learn and experience aspects of various cultures of the USA and other cultures. MCC strives to foster awareness on campus and in the community on the multi ethnic composition of the populations of Rockford University.

Student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience and offer input on the rules, regulations, and policies that affect student-athletes’ lives on campus and across the NCAA.

Our mission is to improve and enhance the technical skills of students. To review current hardware and software products. Explore different areas of interest. Create an environment where students with various technology experiences can come together and share information with one another. Provide resources and services for others in the form of volunteerism.