Rockford University has a detailed and explicit Alcohol and Substance Policy. That policy is published on the university’s website and in the Student Handbook (and briefly stated below). All students must comply with the university’s published policy. Although cigarettes are not an illegal drug, they are detrimental to your vocal and overall health and highly discouraged by the vocal faculty.

It is the policy of Rockford University to promote a campus environment that is free of drug and alcohol abuse. In order to ensure a safe, secure and healthy environment for its community and to comply with its obligations under the federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, Rockford University prohibits students from unlawfully possessing, using, consuming, purchasing, distributing, manufacturing, dispensing, or selling on the University’s premises or as a part of any of the University’s activities: 1) illicit substances; 2) drug paraphernalia; 3) lawful controlled substances, except as medically authorized and used in accordance with their prescriptions; and 4) alcohol.

Both State law and Rockford University policies prohibit the purchase, possession and/or consumption of alcohol by any person under the age of 21 (twenty-one). Under strict supervision, alcohol may be served at approved events. Any individual or recognized group sponsoring an event associated with Rockford University must obtain approval before an event when alcohol will be available.

Federal and state laws, and Rockford University policy, prohibit the sale, re-sale, possession, use or distribution of any controlled substances or prescription medication. The sole exceptions to this policy are (1) the use of prescribed medications by the patient for whom the medication was prescribed where such medication is used only as directed by the physician who prescribed the medication; and (2) the sale and/or dispensing of prescription medications by healthcare professionals within the scope of their licenses to do so and in accordance with the law. Students found in violation of this policy are subject to serious University disciplinary action (suspension or dismissal) and arrests under the state and federal laws.



Rockford University has detailed and explicit hazing policies. Those policies are published on the university’s website and in the Student Handbook (and briefly stated below). All students must comply with the university’s published policy.

Rockford University prohibits hazing by members of the University community. Hazing is any situation created on, or off, campus that affects any member of the University community which:

  • Produces mental or physical discomfort for a person or group.
  • Produces embarrassment, harassment or ridicule of a person or group.
  • Puts an individual or group in danger of injury.
  • Violates Illinois Revised Statutes, Chapter 144-Universities, etc., Section 221 which states:
    • Whoever shall engage in the practice of hazing in this state, whereby anyone sustains an injury to his person there from, shall be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor; or Section 222.
    • The term hazing in this act shall be construed to mean any pastime or amusement, engaged in by students or other people in schools, academies, Colleges, universities or other educational institutions of this state, whereby such pastime or amusement is had for the purpose of holding up any student, scholar or individual for the pastime of others.

The following are examples of hazing activities according to the above statement. These examples are not intended to be all-inclusive, merely representative of behavior or actions that are defined as hazing: paddling in any form; creation of excessive fatigue; physical and psychological shocks; engaging students in public stunts and buffoonery; morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; late night or early morning sessions which interfere with scholastic activities or deprive persons of the opportunity for sufficient sleep; forcing or coercing persons to consume alcoholic beverages or unusual substances, such as unprepared food, in any amount; any requirement which compels an individual to participate in any activity which is illegal, perverse, indecent or contrary to the individual’s moral values or religious beliefs; any other activities which are not consistent with the policies, regulations and codes of the University.


All classroom buildings on the Rockford University campus are smoke free; which includes Maddox Theatre and the Cheek Theatre. Smoking is prohibited throughout these buildings.

Rockford University has adopted a Smoke Free policy. The smoking of tobacco products in all buildings, including residence halls, owned or operated by the University is prohibited. Smoking is prohibited within the spectator areas at all sporting events and in all areas within Sam Greeley Field. Finally, smoking is prohibited at campus events and activities, unless there is a designated smoking area.

Smoking is allowed in designated areas outside buildings.

The proper disposal of all waste tobacco products is required at all times.

Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action and/or removal from the premises.



Rockford University has detailed and explicit sexual harassment policies. Those policies are published on the university’s website and in the Student Handbook (and briefly stated below). All students must comply with the university’s published policy.

As an educational community dedicated to a belief in the inherent dignity and worth of each individual, Rockford University will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment within the university community or by trustees, faculty, staff members or students as representatives of Rockford University or by others officially representing the university.

Sexual harassment is illegal under federal and state statutes. More importantly, it is a violation of the most basic ethical, personal, and professional standards of our university community. The ability of the university to carry out its mission is undermined when any member of the community, male or female, is subject to unsolicited and unwelcome sexual overtures or conduct, either verbal or physical. In both obvious and subtle ways, the very possibility of sexual harassment is destructive to individual students, faculty, staff, and the academic community as a whole.

Therefore, it is the policy of Rockford University to forbid and condemn sexual harassment in any form and to seek appropriate discipline and redress in every instance. Each member of the university community has the obligation to report and prevent sexual harassment and to participate in the judicial process to the fullest extent possible.

NOTE: The Sexual Harassment Officer (SHO) for Rockford University referred to in this document is:
Robert Evans – Puri School of Business, Rm 101 – phone: 815-226-4175