Historical and International Studies

The fields of history, and international studies are crucial for understanding the world today. These disciplines teach us to look at the past for guidance, and to learn about and work with other nations to make a better world. 

The students and faculty in the History, and International Studies (HAIS) department share a common goal of addressing and examining major issues affecting our world. Each major and minor within the department gives students a solid grounding in the academic study of historical and international studies while developing skills of critical thinking, lucid writing, articulate speech, plus research and analysis that are essential to success in college and professional life. By promoting students’ understanding of the richness and diversity of human experience in its historical, and global contexts, students will also develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society and an interdependent world. Graduates of the department go on to careers in museums education, politics, government, business, and human services, as well as continue their education at top graduate and law schools. 

The HAIS department also supports the work of the newly-formed Institute of World Affairs and Trade at Rockford University (IWAT). Led by Dr. Forslund and Donald Manzullo, former Congressman and department adjunct professor, IWAT sponsors programs in a variety of areas, many of which are directly tied to the interests of HAIS. 

Historians are always reinterpreting the past, largely because our present day concerns continue to change. History is neither stagnant nor dull. It is not based on memorization but on interpretation and analysis. Understanding history involves integrating ideas and economics as well as a consideration of the influence of individuals and social forces.

The student of history has to make judgments about a broad range of values and motivations. While our subject matter is the past, the principal goal of the Rockford University History Department is to encourage students to write well and to read and think critically to more fully interact with their present and future worlds.

Historical and International Studies
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