Campus Activities Board (CAB)

CAB is a student-run organization that aims to promote and provide entertainment that will create long-lasting memories.  CABBIES (members of CAB) are often the most energized and enthusiastic students on campus! You will know an event is coming when you see crazy colored shirts all over campus. Past events include: Operation Glow Dance Party, Casino Night, Monthly Trivia and Movie Nights,  Ski/Snowboarding Excursion, and Karaoke Nights!

Campus Activities Board Members

CAB Member 5

Mack Freeze

Hometown:  Surprise, AZ 
Academic Year:  Senior
Major: Criminal Justice
Hero: Kristen Bell & Ellen DeGeneres
Best Movie Ever Made: Star Wars (Episode 5)

CAB Member 4

Taylor Escamilla

Hometown:  Rockford, IL
Academic Year:  Junior
Major: Criminal Justice
Hero: My Mom
Best Movie Ever Made: Mulan

CAB Member 3

Vikki Helm

Hometown:  Rockford, IL
Academic Year:  Senior
Major: Special Education
Best Movie Ever Made: You Got Served

CAB Member 6

Melanie Habben

Hometown:  Rockford, IL
Academic Year: Senior
Major: Education
Hero: My Mom
Best Movie Ever Made: Mamma Mia