Did you know that every MINUTE 20 people are victims of intimate partner violence? The Compliance and Title IX office and Lang Health partner to raise awareness of domestic and intimate partner violence through the “Many Faces of Domestic Violence” display.

Stop by the Burpee Center to see the many faces of domestic violence display until the end of the month. Visit Rockford.edu for other Domestic Violence Awareness Month initiatives.

As we  participate the national month for sexual assault awareness, in the spirit of offering a fair and equitable response, which is one of the roles of the Title IX Officer, we will have an open discussion about what happens when someone is accused of an act of sexual or other violence on campus. Sharing information regarding  institutional support, response, process, and  the rights of the respondent will be the main focus of this discussion.

In recognition of April being sexual assault awareness month (SAAM), several events have been planned and Campus and Community Partners have joined together in collaboration or as individual sponsor to raise awareness of acts of sexual violence and gender-based rights.