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Over the last two years we learned that in one day we could engage alumni, parents, students and friends across the globe in rallying around Rockford University. We are ready to do it again.

On Wednesday, April 26, we will hold our third annual Day of Giving. We will again harness the power of social media to expand our reach and raise money for student scholarships. Challenges, fun incentives and special guests will reunite Rockford University’s community at home and abroad in an effort that will undoubtedly change our students’ lives for years to come. Join us as we come together this year to support Rockford University’s participation in the Rubin Education Challenge.

In December 2015, Rockford University and the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois (CFNIL) announced the University’s participation in the Rubin Education Challenge, a challenge grant offered by CFNIL to build scholarship endowments benefiting local students with financial need who attend local post-secondary institutions. Together, Rockford University and CFNIL will build a $3 million endowment, with CFNIL matching every dollar contributed by the University and its donors. The program is named after Dr. Louis and Violet Rubin whose $24.5 million gift to CFNIL made the matching endowments possible.

Each year, Rockford University awards more than $10 million in institutional aid, scholarship and grants, including $2 million awarded directly to students from the region. These funds are part of the University’s commitment to our students. The Rubin Education Challenge provides additional flexibility within our existing financial aid commitments, further enhancing our ability to enrich academic and co-curricular programs for all students. An increasingly robust scholarship base benefits students, current and future, while simultaneously elevating the profile of the institution and our community.

Endowments are a sustainable tool for ensuring the future financial security of our mission. These funds are not meant to be spent all at once; rather, this endowment will provide additional support through income without depleting the principle amount. The investment you make today will grow, becoming a part of the legacy of Rockford University’s sense of community and support for each other. The Rubin Education Challenge will create an endowment that will not only benefit current Rockford University students, but also will provide for generations to come. The power of an endowed fund in addition to CFNIL’s automatic match of all gifts to this project make today an incredible day to be a Regent. Join us and become a part of a rock solid, dynamic solution for our students.




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