Skwor, Troy

Troy Skwor Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 815-226-4173


Chemical & Biological Sciences


Postdoctoral Fellow, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, Center for Immunobiology and Vaccine Development
Ph.D., Texas A&M University College of Medicine
B.S., University of Wisconsin – Madison


Dr. Troy Skwor is a native Midwesterner from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He joined Rockford University CBS Department in Fall 2011 and teaches a variety of courses including Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (BIOL 230), Microbiology (BIOL 308), Genetics (BIOL 333), Immunology (BIOL 358), Virology (BIOL 360), Molecular Biology, Oncology, Molecular Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis, and Principles of Biology lab (BIOL 150).

His research primarily focuses on bacteria associated with human diseases. One aspect of his research is analyzing the prevalence of antibiotic resistance from bacterial populations within the Rock River and the effect of different human and agricultural contaminants on resistant levels. These studies utilize microbial and molecular techniques identifying molecular genes associated with antibiotic resistance and furthermore determine if these bacteria can potentially cause human disease. Another research area of Dr. Skwor’s lab is developing alternative treatments to combat multiple drug resistant bacterial populations and cancer using visible light with different photosensitizers, also known as photodynamic therapy.

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