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Extension Community Worker - University of Illinois Extension

Position Title: Extension Community Worker

Organization: University of Illinois Extension – Rockford/Winnebago County

Description: The University of Illinois Extension Office in Rockford, IL (Winnebago County) seeks a Community Worker. This position promotes and educates the community about SNAP-ED programs. Community Workers recruit participants, present workshops and classes, and collaborate with community partners to best serve SNAP-ED clients. The community worker will work with local residents (youth and adults) identified for SNAP-ED programming to provide basic nutrition, food safety, physical activity, and food budgeting education for low income individuals.

To Apply: Applicants and employees must submit an online Civil Service Application (Urbana) and Exam Request form for EXT-COMM WRKR- ROCKFORD (WINNEBAGO) at If an application was previously submitted, an update is still required. A request to create a civil service application will be processed within two (2) business days (Monday – Friday). Your logon information will be e-mailed to you. When you receive your logon information, you can complete your online Civil Service employment application and exam request form.

Additional Details: This is a security-sensitive position. Comprehensive background checks, including but not limited to a criminal conviction information check, a CANTS check, and a review of the Registered Sex Offender list, will be conducted.
The University of Illinois conducts criminal background checks on all job candidates upon acceptance of a written contingent offer.
Special Instructions:
An updated application must be submitted by the time you submit the exam request, which will be no later than April 2, 2018. Please remember to include all relevant work/volunteer experience coordinating educational and/or community programs or activities. This information should be included in the Experience portion of the application.

Posting Date: March 22, 2018

Posting to be Removed: April 2, 2018

Direct Support Professional - Milestone

Position Title: Direct Support Professional

Organization: Milestone

Description: PROGRAM: Group Homes
TITLE: Team Member/Service Provider
POSITION: Team (Self)-scheduling

Service provider performs duties for the care, treatment, and safety of the individuals served with developmental/physical disabilities. This includes but is not limited to: personal care, program completion and documentation, and/or occupational and physical therapy programs.


1. Reliable, prompt attendance demonstrating flexibility and cooperation with team as needed to provide adequate facility coverage and follows team (self)-scheduling guidelines.
2. Monitors all individuals served at all times and communicates all information in communication log and if applicable, verbally reports to next staff scheduled.
3. Completes all daily assignments as directed by Team Leader and/or Residential Services Coordinator (RSC)/Home coordinator (HC);
This includes but is not limited to:
a) Individual Service Plans/Personal Plan Implementation Strategies
b) Behavior Development Programs
c) Charting and documentation
d) Initiates recreational and social activities in the home and community as well as ensures all scheduled outings are completed, including Special Olympics practice(s).
e) Must pass all medication training to administer medication and provide active, ongoing interaction to the individuals served.
f) Maintains the home in a clean, safe, healthful condition, logging repair requests correctly.
g) Assists individuals in care of clothing and personal items.

4. Assists in all emergency situations and is knowledgeable of fire extinguishers, alarms, and disaster.
5. Uses all mechanical lifts, belts, chairs, and other mobility equipment in facilities where necessary, appropriately, and cleans them as necessary. This includes all wheelchairs. Utilizes good body mechanics at all times.
6. Provides safe transportation of individuals served; uses safe, defensive driving skills, adhering to all policies and procedures regarding the use and care of Milestone vehicles.
7. Responsible for knowledge of basic cooking skills or willingness to learn. Follows the established menu plan, adhering to prescribed diets. Develops shopping lists or items need to prepare planned meals, purchases items as needed (staying within designated budget), and submits receipts to Team Leader/RSC/HC.
8. Maintains cordial and cooperative relationship with individuals served, their families and guardians and other staff members, utilizing and promoting positive problem solving skills and ensuring a positive, pleasant home environment.
9. Monitors individuals’ health needs and documents such; accompanies individuals on medical/dental appointments as assigned by Team Leader/HC/RSC.
10. Complies with all Milestone, Inc. policies and procedures.
11. In compliance with Milestone, Incorporated’s philosophy and policies toward Human Rights; immediately intervenes on behalf of the individual(s) served and reports to the appropriate supervisor and/or agency (OIG, IDPH, DCFS.)


12. Orders necessary forms and supplies from the appropriate personnel as needed.
13. Other duties as needed or assigned.


Minimum age of 18.
Completion of Habilitation Aide Training within the first 30 days of employment.
High School diploma or GED and passing of TABE testing.
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Must be able to intervene physically in behavioral or health related crisis.
Safe driving record/approved driver.

To Apply:

Posting Date: March 22, 2018

Posting to be Removed: April 15, 2018

RN/LPN - Milestone

Position Title: RN/LPN

Organization: Milestone

Description: PROGRAM: Elmwood Heights



BASIC FUNCTION: Under the supervision of the Director and Assistant Director of Nursing, is responsible for performing assigned nursing procedures for the comfort and well-being of the residents of Milestone, Inc.


E1. Reliable and prompt attendance as scheduled, demonstrating a working knowledge of self-scheduling including finding own coverage when needing a scheduled day off and cooperation as necessary to meet the individuals and/or facility needs.
E2. Functions as a member of the IDT and recommends, in cooperation with QIDP’s health/medical goals for individuals. Acts as primary nurse for selected group of individuals.
E3. Establishes and maintains effective communication with individual’s parents and/or guardians, communicating medication changes and/or health status as needed.
E4. Establishes and maintains effective inter and intra departmental communication, promoting effective team functioning, communication, and cooperation between professional and non-professional staff. Teaching non-professional staff and individuals/families/guardians on medical issues.
E5. Actively pursues optimum health care for all individuals.
E6. Keeps health plans current, updating accordingly to ensure continuity of care. Evaluates individual’s needs and responses to health plans, informing the Director Of Nursing/Assistant Director of Nursing of any significant changes in the individual’s condition and needs.
E7. Implements individual health care plan as permitted by state law. Assures individual safety and well-being, maintaining equipment and supplies needed for individual care.
E8. Administers prescribed medications and treatments; observing, documenting, and appropriately responding to individuals’ reaction to medications and treatments. Immediately and properly intervenes in the event of an adverse reaction, notifying the individual’s physician and the Director of Nursing/Assistant Director of Nursing.
E9. Keeps individual medical records current on nursing observations and treatment rendered, individual reaction and appropriate follow-up on services rendered. Records individual reactions, tests/results, intake and output of liquids/solids (as necessary), blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and respiration rate.
E10. Coordinates specimen/culture collection and transportation, and records results, notifying physician and DON/ADON of any immediate action needed based on results.
E11. Assists with the admission, discharge, and transfer of individuals.
E12. Demonstrates knowledge of Public Health and Public Aid Standards, and the Nursing Home Care Reform Act providing guidance to and working cooperatively with other staff to ensure continuous compliance with all applicable regulations.
E13. Assists physician with weekly and annual examinations of individuals as needed.
E14. Actively participates in inservice training and departmental meetings, promoting positive problem solving and cooperative team efforts.
E15. Actively promotes cooperative efforts between nurses and other management staff, maintaining open and effective communication.
E16. Actively promotes, by example, maintenance of an exceptionally clean, safe, and pleasant living environment for both individuals and staff. Immediately reports and/or documents any repairs or physical plant improvements, needed to maintain acceptable standards of safety, cleanliness, and pleasantness.
E17. In compliance with Milestone, Inc. philosophy and policies regarding Human Rights, immediately intervenes on the individual’s behalf in any questionable situation, reporting concerns/observations to the SOD/AOD.
E18. Actively seeks opportunities for continuing education units to fulfill requirements for licensure.
E19. In compliance with the Milestone, Inc. Personal policies leads co-workers by example, enforcing all personal policies, intervening promptly with unacceptable behaviors and reporting to the Director of Nurses/Assistant Director of Nurses all necessary staff interventions.
E20. Performs other duties as assigned to ensure the safe, efficient operation of the Agency.

E = Essential Job Duties/Qualification


E Current State of Illinois License in good standing, Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse.
E High School Diploma or G.E.D.
E Must be able to intervene physically in behavioral and health related crisis with individuals.
E Current CPR.
E Must be able to respond promptly to any/all emergency situations.

To Apply:

Posting Date: March 22, 2018

Posting to be Removed: April 15, 2018

Assistant Director of Nursing - Milestone

Position Title: Assistant Director of Nursing

Organization: Milestone

Description: PROGRAM: Elmwood Heights


POSITION: FULL TIME with Schedule Variations


Under the direction of the Director of Nurses, acts as liaison for the facility, performs assigned nursing procedures and supervises the overall care, treatment, safe functioning, comfort and well-being of the developmentally disabled individuals at Elmwood Heights. Provides nursing consultation services to other Milestone, Inc. programs as assigned. Acts as primary nurse to an assigned group of individuals.


1. Reliable, and prompt attendance as scheduled, demonstrating flexibility as necessary to meet individual and/or facility need.
2. Functions as a member of the IDT and recommends health/medical goals and objectives for each individual evaluating progress towards established goals and revising as necessary.
3. Actively participates in the IDT in the evaluation of admission and discharge of individuals, assisting the coordination of admissions, discharges, and/or transfers to and from the facility.
4. Establishes and maintains effective communication with individual’s parents and/or guardians, communicating changes in medication and/or health status.
5. Provides on-going direction and supervision of the facility nurses, assist with interviewing and hiring of nursing staff, assist with input on corrective actions, and commendations and evaluation of job performances.
6. Assists with the identification of individual (s) needs, consulting with the appropriate personnel to develop remedial plans to meet the needs as they arise.
7. Assists with the coordination of consultant and physician services, evaluating individual need, implementing recommendations/orders, and noting individual’s response.
8. Establishes and maintains effective inter and intra departmental/program communication, acting as liaison as needed to facilitate individual services.
9. Actively participates in various team and department meetings, promoting open communication and demonstrating positive problem solving skills.
10. Coordinates maintenance of individual clinical records, ensuring timely and correct completion of all necessary records. Including: scheduled labs, mammograms, gynecological exams and specialized testing.
11. Functions as a member of the management team, promoting positive problem solving among supervisors, nurses, and other personnel, maintaining acceptable standards of confidentiality and professional conduct.
12. Actively participates in and assist with the development of the facility’s policies and procedures related to individual(s) care.
13. Demonstrates knowledge of Public Health and Public Aid standards and advises department supervisors in regard to maintaining these standards. Reviews and acts upon reports of authorized inspecting agencies.
14. Intervenes and appropriately responds to requests for intervention regarding possible abuse, recommending and documenting corrective action.
15. Actively pursues optimum health care for all individuals.
16 Actively promotes a good community and professional relationship, representing Milestone Inc., as necessary and/or directed.
17. Acts as consultant or assists other Milestone Inc. programs with medical/health -related issues as assigned.
18. In compliance with Milestone, Inc. philosophy and policies regarding Human Rights, immediately intervenes on behalf of the individual, and investigates and/or reports any question or concerns to the appropriate personnel.
19. Will assist with medication pass when needed.
20. Actively participates in the development of annual facility goals, including recommendations for positions, quality assurance systems, and procedural revisions.
21. Actively seeks, acts as liaison, and makes necessary arrangements with community health care providers, including renewal of yearly contracts.
22. Consults with physical therapist and occupational therapist to review individual need and establish remedial plans and goals.
23. Maintains effective communication with supervisor/nurses/QIDP’s/Direct Care staff and any changes of condition with the individuals.
24. Actively seeks opportunities for continuing education units to fulfill requirements for licensure.
25. Actively participates in QA meetings and keeps records checking for trends.
26. Must be able to intervene physically in behavioral and health related crisis with individuals.
27. Assist with the nurses meeting including Agenda and self scheduling, ensuring schedule stays within budgeted FTEs.
28. Monitors schedule to ensure we are minimizing Agency Nursing assistance.
29. Assist staff in Emergency situations with finding coverage or being that coverage if necessary.
30. Along with the DON is responsible for generating the annual and semi-annual medical reports. Attend annual staffing when appropriate.


31. Completes other duties as assigned to ensure the safe efficient operation of the facility.


Current Licensed Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse in the state of Illinois.
Prefer one year experience with geriatrics/developmentally disabled.
Must be able to intervene physically in behavioral and health related crisis with individuals.
Must be able to promptly respond to any/al emergency situations.

To Apply:

Posting Date: March 22, 2018

Posting to be Removed: April 15, 2018

I READ Program Coordinator - The Literacy Council

Position Title: I READ Program Manager

Organization: The Literacy Council

Description: Basic Function: To recruit, coordinate, supervise, and support volunteers for the I READ program in the Rockford and Harlem School Districts; provide oversight in Oregon and Meridian Community School Districts; support literacy coordinators in same schools.
The I READ Manager will fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Recruit Volunteers; Conduct interviews and assessments of prospective volunteer tutors
  • Develop and promote positive public relations to recruit volunteers for the I READ program through speaking engagements, media attention, social media
  • Communicate with school principals providing program start dates, new contacts and I READ program information
  • Maintain constant contact via E-mail with all I READ volunteers and coordinators with updates for trainings and program start dates, school changes as well as outcomes, hours donated, success stories, etc.
  • Work with schools to arrange Open Houses and Chat Session dates for volunteers
  • Manage the collection, inventory, purchase and assembly of backpacks and supplies
  • Secure trade books for I READ backpacks through donations & grants
  • Create marketing materials to be used for recruiting volunteers & promoting I READ program
  • Distribute I READ supplies to the schools

The I READ Manager reports to the Executive Director at The Literacy Council. The I READ program is a community partnership of United Way Rock River Valley and The Literacy Council. The program matches mentors with early-grade students to ensure success in high school and beyond.

  • Bachelors in education or related field; experience working with adults and children
  • Experience in managing volunteers; volunteer training; record keeping & reporting
  • Interact effectively with staff and volunteers through oral and written communications
  • Work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends, lift up to 50 lbs; own a reliable car

To Apply: For more information or to apply: Send cover letter and resume to

Posting Date: March 5, 2018

Posting to be Removed: April 5, 2018

Regional Manager of Major Giving Programs - The Salvation Army USA Central Territory

Position Title: Regional Manager of Major Giving Programs

Organization: The Salvation Army USA Central Territory

Description: KEES has been exclusively retained by The Salvation Army USA Central Territory in its search for two Regional Managers of Major Giving Programs at its Territorial Headquarters in the Chicago suburbs.

The position requires an innovative and skilled manager with superb communication talents and an inherent ability to establish one’s presence and become a highly visible resource. The Regional Managers will participate with other senior leadership to develop major gift strategy, communication plans and donor prospects. The Regional Manager will train, support and coach a team of approximately 15 members, taking a proactive and goal-oriented approach with the right balance of professional supportiveness and healthy accountability. Responsibilities will include ensuring that each DRD has a qualified caseload, understand goals, methods and delivers results and information in a timely manner.

To Apply: To apply, candidates should submit their cover letter and resume and complete the online application at
All inquiries will be held in strict confidence. No applications will be accepted via email.
This search is being managed by Heather Eddy, President/CEO and Sue Bultman, Senior Consultant of KEES. Questions may be addressed to

Additional Details: KEES is a retained search and consulting firm dedicated to building transformative teams and leaders in the nonprofit and public sectors.

The Salvation Army is an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by love for God. Its mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. The Salvation Army USA Central Territory is one of four national territories and serves as the administrative head of 10 Divisions and 257 corps (program service sites) throughout the central United States.

Posting Date: February 21, 2018

Posting to be Removed: April 15, 2018

Registered Nurse - Crusader Community Health

Position Title: Registered Nurse

Organization: Crusader Community Health


This is a direct service position in Crusader Community Health (CCH). The Registered Professional Nurse (RN) coordinates nursing and medical interventions, patient care planning, education, promotes optimal patient health, and directs the care provided by the Medical Assistant and Certified Nurse Assistant within the scope of the State of Illinois Nurse Practice Act and in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Nurses. For those working on a Patient Centered Medical Home unit, participates in a team approach to patient care by attending and contributing in regular team meetings and education sessions. This position reports to the Medical Unit Manager, the Vice President of Community Relations or the Director of Women’s Health Services.

To Apply: Send a resume to

Posting Date: February 7, 2018

Posting to be Removed: May 1, 2018

Health Educator - Crusader Community Health

Position Title: Health Educator

Organization: Crusader Community Health


POSITION SUMMARY: The Health Educator is a member of a team of professionals that support the work of the medical providers by educating patients regarding health promotion, disease prevention, and management of chronic diseases. Health education is provided by one-on-one counseling and group discussion at all clinic locations. The Health Educator also educates the community by participating in health promotion events and initiatives. An individual Health Educator may specialize in the health education needs of a specific population, such as diabetes, or may provide a specific area of health education that requires specialized and advanced training, such as nutritional counseling provided by a Registered Dietician.

To Apply: Send a resume to

Posting Date: February 7, 2018

Posting to be Removed: May 1, 2018

Planned Giving Specialist - Crusader Community Health Foundation

Position Title: Planned Giving Specialist

Organization: Crusader Community Health Foundation


The Planned Giving Specialist will lead the Planned Giving Committee of the Foundation Board in implementing all aspects of the strategic plan with regard to planned giving. The Planned Giving Specialist will work with the Vice President of Development, Crusader Management, Foundation Board and other key stakeholders to enhance and support the overall mission of the organization to ensure that prospering planned giving continues to enhance the future of the organization. The Planned Giving Specialist is part of the Crusader Community Health Foundation and reports to the Vice President of Development.

1. Bachelor’s Degree Preferred
2. Proven track record of three to five years of relationship based fundraising and/or relevant work experience
3. Experience managing gifts of $10,000 or more preferred
4. Proven track record of securing donations preferred
5. Previous development of area community relationships preferred
6. Demonstrated ability to solicit and secure planned charitable gifts preferred
7. Detailed knowledge of planned giving strategies and terminology preferred

To Apply: Crusader Community Health serves the Rock River Valley area with quality primary health care for all people in need. CCH provides a comprehensive benefits package which includes: Medical, Dental, Flexible Spending/Health Savings Account, Life Insurance, Accident Coverage, Critical Illness Coverage. Employees enjoy company paid Life Insurance, Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability, paid Holidays, Personal Days, accrued Paid Time Off hours (PTO)- 18 days in the first year. Additionally, employees may enroll in the CCH 403(b) Retirement Plan, with employer match after one year of service.

To be considered for this position, please email your Microsoft Word resume and cover letter to To review a full job description, please visit our website at No phone calls please

Posting Date: February 5, 2018

Posting to be Removed: March 31, 2018

Assistant VP, Strategic Development & Events - Outreach Community Ministries

Position Title: Assistant VP, Strategic Development & Events

Organization: Outreach Community Ministries

Description: As a key member of the Outreach Community Ministries Resource Development team, and reporting to the Vice President of Resource Development, the Assistant Vice President (AVP) will be responsible for creating and implementing strategy as it relates to deeper engagement of donors and sponsors through fundraising events. The successful candidate will be relationship-focused and a strategic thinker. The AVP will create plans and structures to maximize donor participation with regard to events and major sponsorships. View the full job description.

To Apply: Candidates must complete the online application at and thereon submit their cover letter and resume. To assure confidential tracking of all applicants, no applications will be accepted via email. ALL INQUIRIES WILL BE HELD IN STRICT CONFIDENCE. This search is being managed by Heather Eddy, President/CEO, and Sue Bultman, Senior Consultant of KEES. Questions may be addressed to

Posting Date: January 31, 2018

Posting to be Removed: March 30, 2018

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