Student Title IX Training FAQ

 Why have I been hearing about this new Title IX Office at RU?

The Compliance and Title IX Office is the first of its kind at Rockford University.  We are charged with identifying any systemic concerns campus-wide, ensuring a fair, thorough and timely process should you encounter an incident of sex-based or domestic violence, or discrimination or harassment in programs or activities. As our motto states, we offer: one process, one response, as one university- equitable.

 I would like to get involved to help with the new Title IX Office initiatives

Great. We are currently seeking students interested in participating to help organize a student leader group.  You would mainly help establish this peer-to-peer leader group, educate on the other elements of title ix, raise awareness of sexual and domestic violence, equity, community involvement, and other areas. Contact the Title IX Coordinator if you are interested in participating in this grassroots student initiative.

 Why is there all of this talk about domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault on college campuses?

There has been an increase of these types of concerns at the college and university level.  We are first and foremost concerned about your safety.   Our federal and state government officials also have a vested interested in assuring that we are providing you with a safe environment, but one that is equitable in service, activities, and programs.

Where can I complete the required title IX training?

Training is only provided in person at this time.  If you are new to the university you are required to complete the title IX training. If you have been here for a year or more, you also need to complete “ongoing” title IX training.

Why do I have to take this training?

All Rockford University students are required to participate in Title IX training. It is part of a system-wide effort to ensure that all students are provided an equitable and safe learning environment, in addition, make sure you are aware of your rights and responsibilities.

 This training is difficult for me due to a past experience of abuse. What options do I have?

 Please contact the Title IX Coordinator.

I took this training last year, do I have to complete it again?

Yes, but not right now. If you took the training last year, you will only have to take a refresher course.

What if I experienced an incident and it was off campus?

These types of incidents may be brought to the University’s attention, we address on and off campus concerns. We can discuss options and provide resources as appropriate.

What types of training/educational session have been held for students in the past?

We have held an open session for students, “Know Your Rights,”. This session provided students the opportunity to ask any questions they had about title ix, to learn about their rights if they are accused of an act of sexual violence or gender discrimination.  April Campus-wide Events Calendar 2017_11x17

Other training sessions have been held during new student orientation, RA training, student clubs and organization.

How can I learn more about title IX?

See our Title IX Policy on the web page or contact the Title IX Coordinator.

What’s next for student training?  The campus is currently looking at training options for students. Our goal is to offer training via web and in person.  Watch the website and campus postings for additional information.

Department Information

Compliance and Title IX
Burpee Center, Student Life Suite
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