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We have various initiatives available for you to participate: Student Life, Residence Life, Academics, Title IX and other office programs. Visit this page often, as it is updated to reflect current student happenings.


Student Awareness Spotlight: National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

See the various events held in October highlighting areas of domestic violence

Other Student awareness and Events:

  • September National Campus Safety Awareness Month
  • Campus Climate Survey for Students
  • October Domestic Violence Awareness Month

September’s Student Awareness Spotlight: Campus Climate Survey

In recognition of ensuring a safe campus and this being National Campus Safety Awareness Month, we will  launch the campus climate survey September 28th. Please consider taking the survey!

General Information:

Who’s planning the survey?  The survey is a collaborative effort that the Compliance and Title IX Office is overseeing.

Why are we administering a survey: To hear from the RU student community, so we might improve policies, programs, proactive responses and resources.

How will the survey be administered:  The survey will be administered online only.  If you have a need for a printed copy of the  survey, please contact the compliance and title ix office, 815-226-2842.

When will the survey begin: September 28, 2017

Has a campus climate survey about sexual violence been administered at RU before: Yes, the initial survey was administered spring 2016.  This will be however, the first all-encompassing survey to inquire about domestic violence, stalking, and sexual violence.

How can I earn more about the survey and the giveaways for taking the survey?  Learn more

Questions may be directed to Compliance and Title IX,

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As students, employees, and guests of Rockford University you have the right to learn, work, and engage in an environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.  In addition, you have the right to receive equitable services in programs and activities in your educational setting.  The Compliance and Title IX  Office was recently established at Rockford University to help maintain compliance, establish or expand upon processes for civil rights and equality, provide training for employees, students, and administrators, and offer education and awareness of sex and gender-based concerns. Learn More

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