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‌Welcome to our Prevention, Education and Training page where we believe in educating, empowering and encouraging our campus community to embrace diversity, inclusivity and equity while maintaining civility and respect for one another through education. It is hoped that as a result of engaging in educational and prevention opportunities the experience will have an impact that would invoke: a change in attitude, perspective or action institution-wide.

The Compliance and Title IX Office (CTIXO) provide a number of awareness and primary prevention educational programs as well as training for staff, faculty, students and third parties.  We also provide training and consultation for administrators of Rockford University and local organizations with a vested interest.

The CTIXO will present various stand alone programs campus-wide, but we believe in the power of partnerships and welcome collaboration.  If you have an idea or a training need-we’d love to hear it!  Staff, faculty, students, parents, community members, and alumni alike.

Prevention: Providing awareness programs may include identifying the prevalence of certain topics from a state, national, local and campus level.  Prevention comes in many forms but our focus is awareness and primary prevention which may come in the form of a flyer, brochure, website, handout, posting etc…  Awareness is aimed at just that -raising awareness, where as, primary prevention is aimed at targeting and changing attitudes and  social norms.

Education: The main focus of this area is providing an educational opportunity for the campus and community through workshops, speakers, panels and may also include avenues listed above in prevention.  The difference in this area is that it may or may not include an assessment of learning.  This is generally self-motivated by participant or encouraged by others and include passive learning.

Training: This includes training with intentional goals and objectives which may include pre and post test, new information or a review.  It may be required for certain RU employees and students.  Trainings are carried out in various formats, hybrid, in person, in groups or classroom.  Currently online version of training is not an option. Trainings are facilitated by trained professionals with expert knowledge on statutory and regulatory laws and guidance, and who has a keen awareness cultural sensitivity, and awareness of how to present for various audiences. Depending on the topic and audience, some trainings may be facilitated by outside agencies or consultants, but for the most part, the gender equity, and Title IX trainings are provided by the RU Compliance and Title IX Office.

2017 Spring Title IX / Responsible Employee training is available.  April sessions have been posted.  Register today.


Office of Compliance and Title IX

LaShun McGhee
Compliance and Title IX Coordinator
Burpee Center, Student Life Suite 5050 E. State Street Rockford, IL 61108

Mon-Fri- 8:30am to 5:00pm