Owned, Leased & Rental Vehicles

Vehicles owned by Rockford University or leased/rented on behalf of Rockford University can be driven by any member of the University’s faculty, staff or student body as long as the individual:

  • Is 21 years of age
  • Has provided proof of a valid driver’s license to Campus Security
  • Has provided proof of personal automobile insurance coverage to Campus Security, and Campus Security has verified a satisfactory driving record

Students are not allowed to rent vehicles on behalf of Rockford University.

Students may drive an owned, leased, or rental vehicle only if they are part of a sponsoring organization (i.e. athletic team, student club, classroom group, etc.), have advisor approval, and have at least one member of faculty or staff accompanying the group. A member of faculty or staff must ensure the student meets the above requirements.

The VanTerras leased by Rockford University are available to the general campus and, whenever possible, should be used when there are five or more individuals traveling together and as an alternative to renting vehicles. The buses can be reserved through Athletics Administration office at 815-226-4085.

Rockford University partners with Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Rockford office on State Street for vehicle rentals. Please see the University’s rental guide on for further details.

Owned, leased and rental vehicles are covered under the Rockford University automobile insurance policy (separate insurance should not be purchased for rental vehicles). A Certificate of Insurance is available from the Business Office. Individuals who drive these vehicles for University business are covered under this policy, provided they meet the above requirements. However, personal automobile insurance is required as a condition of driving on behalf of Rockford University.

Drivers of any owned or leased vehicle may pay for fuel purchases with the GE Fleet fuel card issued for the vehicle or with a Rockford University credit card or cash. Drivers of rental vehicles may pay for fuel purchases with a Rockford University credit card, personal credit card, or cash. Fuel purchases with a GE Fleet fuel card are billed direct to the University; no expense is needed. Receipts for fuel purchases whether by credit card or cash are to be submitted on an expense report to the Business Office.

Roadside assistance for the vehicles that are owned or leased by Rockford University is available by calling GE Fleet Services at 800-328-6363. This service is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Each owned or leased vehicle that is covered by the GE Fleet program has a driver’s guide in the vehicle which contains the GE Fleet program information necessary to obtain this service.

Roadside assistance for vehicles rented through the local office of Enterprise Rent-A-Car is available by calling the local office at 815, 397-1400 during business hours or 800, 307-6666 during non-business house.

Accidents that occur while using a vehicle owned, leased or rented by Rockford University are to be reported to Security and to the Business Office immediately so Security can file the necessary internal reports and the Business Office can contact the insurance carrier. In the case of a vehicle rented from Enterprise, the driver is also responsible to notify their local office at 815, 397-1400.

Accidents that occur while using a vehicle owned, leased or rented by Rockford University outside of the scope of business will be the responsibility of the driver and will fall within the parameters of that individual’s personal automobile insurance, not the University’s automobile policy.

Any tickets, toll violations, etc. incurred by a member of faculty, staff or the student body while using a vehicle owned, leased or rented by Rockford University are the responsibility of the driver. They are to be reported and reimbursed to the Business Office immediately.


Personal Vehicles

Members of Rockford University’s faculty and staff as well as students may drive their personal vehicles to conduct University business, to participate in University sponsored activities or events off-campus, and/or to transport students for emergency or non-emergency reasons. However, Rockford University’s automobile insurance policy would not provide coverage in case of injury or accident; liability would fall under the driver’s personal automobile insurance. Members of faculty and staff who have occasion to transport students for emergency or non-emergency reasons may want to consider increasing their personal automobile insurance coverage to cover this liability. Faculty and staff who choose not to provide transportation in their personal vehicle should offer alternative options to the student as appropriate.


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