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Greetings from President Fulcomer

Greetings from President Fulcomer

One of the great joys of serving this wonderful institution as its 18th president is the regular interactions I have with alumni and friends. We have great supporters spread throughout the world and I have had an opportunity to visit with alumni and friends throughout the United States – from Massachusetts to California, from Florida to Minnesota, and many points in between.

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Breaking in the Bloomberg Business Lab

Breaking in the Bloomberg Business Lab

The University officially opened its Bloomberg Business Lab featuring the Bloomberg Professional service at the start of the 2018 spring semester. Now two semesters into its use, faculty and students alike are excited about how the lab is benefiting the business curriculum.

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Student Profile – Tracy Wang

Student Profile – Tracy Wang

Rockford University senior Tracy (Hanqing) Wang from Jiangsu in the People’s Rebublic of China, has been named as a 2018 Lincoln Laureate by The Lincoln Academy of Illinois.

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Faculty Spotlights- Deepshikha Shukla, Ph.D.

Faculty Spotlights- Deepshikha Shukla, Ph.D.

As she begins her fourth year as an associate professor of physics at Rockford, Dr. Deepshikha Shukla is inspiring students — both college and otherwise — to discover the possibilities the world of science has to offer.

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Paving a Path to Persistence

Paving a Path to Persistence

“I want to be able to take care of my family. If I have kids someday, I want to be an example for them, and to have the money and resources to pay for them to go to college, too.” – Stephen Taylor

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The Athletic Hall of Fame Celebration Dinner & Induction

The Athletic Hall of Fame Celebration Dinner & Induction

The Athletic Hall of Fame Celebration Dinner and Induction held on November 3, 2018 brought together family and friends, as well as former coaches and teammates for a memorable night in honor of our current Hall of Fame members, and to welcome four new members into the Chuck DeWild Athletic Hall of Fame.

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"Leaving the South"

Professor Mary Weaks-Baxter, Ph.D., has a new book, “Leaving the South: Border Crossing Narratives and the Remaking of Southern Identity,” which was published by University Press of Mississippi this past summer and is now available nationwide at retailers like Target and Amazon.

The book tells a very personal story for Weaks-Baxter because she, like millions of other Southerners in the 20th century, left the South to live outside the region. In writing the book, Weaks-Baxter says she greatly benefited from classroom discussions with students on issues related to gender, race, and Southern culture and literature. “Leaving the South” is her sixth published book.

University Press of Mississippi provides the following overview of Dr. Weaks-Baxter’s book on their website

How narratives about mass migration from the South reconstructed southern identity

Millions of southerners left the South in the twentieth century in a mass migration that has, in many ways, rewoven the fabric of American society on cultural, political, and economic levels. Because the movements of southerners — and people in general — are controlled not only by physical boundaries marked on a map but also by narratives that define movement, narrative is central in building and sustaining borders and in breaking them down. In Leaving the South: Border Crossing Narratives and the Remaking of Southern Identity, author Mary Weaks-Baxter analyzes narratives by and about those who left the South and how those narratives have remade what it means to be southern.

Drawing from a broad range of narratives, including literature, newspaper articles, art, and music, Weaks-Baxter outlines how these displacement narratives challenged concepts of southern nationhood and redefined southern identity. Close attention is paid to how depictions of the South, particularly in the media and popular culture, prompted southerners to leave the region and changed perceptions of southerners to outsiders as well as how southerners saw themselves.

Through an examination of narrative, Weaks-Baxter reveals the profound effect gender, race, and class have on the nature of the migrant’s journey, the adjustment of the migrant, and the ultimate decision of the migrant either to stay put or return home, and connects the history of border crossings to the issues being considered in today’s national landscape.

Professor Mary Weaks-Baxter, Ph.D.

Professor Mary Weaks-Baxter, Ph.D.Dr. Baxter is Andrew H. Sherratt College Professor and Professor of English. She is also author of Reclaiming the American Farmer: The Reinvention of a Regional Mythology in Twentieth-Century Southern Writing, coeditor of The History of Southern Women’s Literature and Southern Women’s Writing: Colonial to Contemporary and co-author with fellow Rockford professors Catherine Forslund and Christine Bruun of We are a College at War: Women working for victory in World War II.





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With a little preparation, planned gifts can be made now to immediately support Rockford University’s needs or they can take effect in the future as a way to leave your legacy.
Anyone can make a planned gift. Consider these three popular options:

A gift in your will or revocable living trust.

Work with your attorney to include a few simple sentences in your will or living trust. Plus, you can change your mind at any time because this gift doesn’t go into effect until after your lifetime.

A gift of your retirement plan assets.

By naming us as the primary beneficiary on the designation form for a percentage (1–100) of your account’s final value, you can make a tax-wise gift to support Rockford University.

A gift of your bank or brokerage account.*

By placing a payable on death or transfer on death designation on your bank or brokerage account, you can name our organization to receive the funds.

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