Get credit for work you have already done and complete your bachelor’s degree sooner.


Experienced workers no longer have to start at the beginning on your journey toward bachelor’s degrees because Rockford University values your training! Earn up to 25 credit hours toward completing a degree in Business Management or Accounting Studies so that you can save time and focus on what matters most: that next promotion and career-long success.

Here’s how Rockford University awards credit:

Documented Work Training

Get credit for on-the-job training such as Six Sigma, company-sponsored leadership training, QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, or pursuing other continuing education or certificates.

Occupational Specialization

Earn credit for technical coursework taken at a community college such as CAD, continuous improvement manufacturing, CNC/CAM operations, automotive repair, radiology technology, and other areas of specialization.

Military Credit

Apply credit for courses and training taken while serving in the military such as credit awarded by the American Council of Education (ACE).


Find out how you can get ahead.


“I saved a year of time because Rockford University awarded 21 hours of credit for tool and die courses I completed at Rock Valley College. As a result, I finished my business management degree faster and now I’m enrolled in the Puri School of Business MBA program!”

Patrick Murphy