Please enjoy our videos introducing the Teaching with Primary Sources Program at Rockford University. This  series of videos will introduce viewers to the wonderful and exciting world of primary sources and the experience of critical thinking they offer to students.

‌‌ Introduction to Teaching with Primary Sources Program at Rockford University with Dr. Deb Dew and Michael Griffith
The R.M.S. Titanic and its impact on the lives of its passengers by Pam Miner.
Mrs. Miner is the principal at Whitehead Elementary School in Rockford, Illinois. As a fifth grade teacher, she developed a cross-curricular lesson to teach students the significance of historical disasters, namely the sinking of the Titanic. The lesson has students analyze primary sources and write a research essay.
Using Primary Sources to Teach Hometown History by Katy Paterson.
Mrs. Paterson is a Rockford Public School Librarian. She discusses how using prints and photographs on the Library of Congress website will connect students to their town’s past. Katy also guides the viewer to other points of interest on
  Veterans Project by Terry Gano
This video segment showcases the Auburn High School Veterans Project, sponsored by retired teacher Terry Gano. Veterans are videotaped while students interview them about their military experiences. The unedited versions of the videos are sent to the Library of Congress. Students then edit the videos to prepare a documentary that includes portions of the original interview and primary sources and footage from other videos. These documentaries are entered in various competitions, and a copy is presented to the veteran at an end-of-year ceremony.
  Analyzing and Observing Primary Sources from the Library of Congress by Denise Ethun
Denise Ethun is a retired high school librarian. She finds analyzing Primary Source materials from the Library of Congress an exciting and enriching way to connect students with history in today’s classroom.
‌‌ Exploring Maps with Open Eyes by Susan Uram
Mrs. Uram has been an educator for over 18 years. She currently is a Professional Development Specialist in the Harlem School District. While teaching at Spectrum School in the upper elementary, Susan lead her students through exploration of historical maps found on the website.
  Creating a Traveling Primary Source Bulletin Board by Sue Nickel
Mrs. Nickel is a Reading Specialist for the Rockford Public Schools. She has developed a proud Library of Congress bulletin board student committee at Marsh Elementary. Engagement and enthusiasm are the end result along with an informative board displayed in different locations of the building.

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