Transfer Students
Minimum requirements for application and admission to the nursing major 

Admission to Rockford University does not guarantee admission to the nursing program. In order to be successful as a Rockford University nursing student, the Nursing Department has established minimum entrance requirements prior to enrolling in courses with the intent of pursuing a major in nursing. These include:

  • Complete an application to Rockford University and be accepted for admission.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.75 on transferable course work at the time of application.

At application, the student must have a 2.5 GPA in the natural sciences for admission.

  • Student must achieve a minimum of a “C” 2.0 grade in the required support courses (see list of required supporting courses). A minimum of a “C” must be demonstrated in each natural science, or it will need to be retaken. Although a “C” 2.0 is the minimum requirement, the overall natural science GPA must be a 2.5.
  • Demonstrate math competency. Students much achieve one of the following:

a. ACT (or SAT equivalent of 520) math score of 20 or higher

b. Successful completion of college algebra (equivalent to MATH 120)

c. Math Placement exam score of 3 or higher

d. TEAS math score of proficient or higher

  • Natural science courses older than five years, at the time of application, will not be considered as meeting the support course requirement for the Nursing Major.
  • The nursing faculty reserves the right to consider the merit of individual cases, based on student petition. 

Students will be notified of admission decision by April 1st of their senior year. Actual enrollment is contingent on receipt of an official high school transcript by July 1st of the year of enrollment, verifying that all admission criteria have been met.