Career Opportunities

Both anthropology and sociology are popular majors and minors for students planning futures in such professions as law, politics, social work, public health, urban planning, community relations and public administration, not to mention medicine and divinity school. Students also will find that numerous courses in criminal justice, management, marketing, business organization, labor relations, communication, journalism, recreation and nursing draw upon the principles, research techniques and findings of both sociology and anthropology.

Employers frequently look for potential employees with specific skills that are acquired in anthropology and sociology courses dealing with survey and research methods, statistics, population research and urban studies. With a number of these courses to their credit, students may find themselves at a competitive advantage as they develop interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving and communication skills essential for success in today’s competitive job market.

A variety of career opportunities exist for our graduates in both the public and private sector. Our graduates have found employment in a variety of law enforcement/criminal and juvenile justice agencies and social service agencies in areas of child welfare, elder services and community mental health services. Others have become teachers at various levels. For students who go on to graduate school, professional positions in teaching, research, museology and public administration are available. In addition, undergraduate study in anthropology and sociology is good preparation for business careers in local, national and international sales and marketing, and careers in law.


Internship Opportunities

Students enrolled in both the criminal justice and the pre-social work tracks are required to take a minimum of one, 4-credit academic internship as part of their major. Other majors may take internships. Department faculty and their advisors assist students with locating appropriate internship placement opportunities. Internships provide students the opportunity to get a “real world” experience in their field of career interest.


Where are they now?

Some of our recent alumni have gone on to graduate work in sociology, social work and law. Others have obtained positions in social service agencies, from child welfare to community mental health. Still others occupy positions of responsibility and leadership in criminal justice agencies. The current Rockford chief of police is a department alumnus as are a number of probation officers and police officers in Rockford and neighboring cities. Another alumnus is a federal prosecutor and many others have gone on to law school. One is even a U.S. marshal.


Anthropology and Sociology

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